The Exclusive And Unique Wedding Gift

wedding gift custom oak barrelsLooking for the perfect unique wedding gift?  Choose the Red Head Oak Barrel Wedding Liquor Flavoring Kit 10 Liter barrel.

A wedding gift should always be picked carefully. People cherish weddings and hence the gift should also be something worth the beautiful occasion. A unique wedding gift is not something worth thousands of dollars, but something that suits the likes of the couple. A hand made wine barrels that store ageing liquors like whiskey, rums or tequilas can be gifted to family or friends. It is a wonderful idea since it can be stored for a long time plus it won’t go bad after a while.

These wine barrels are handmade especially with oak which is used to make wine barrels for many ages now. Oak proves to be a reactive component rendering more flavor and smoothness to your drink. It also supports the drink to age beautifully and gives you the great quality of taste for years all together. White oak, that is used for the making provides a great deal of the strength to the barrel to support the weight of the drink inside.

They are the perfect gift for a couple that enjoys a nice glass of wine, whiskey, rum or tequila on occasion. Oak barrels add the perfect flavors so that it serves as a good environment for aging and storing liquors like bourbon, tequila or wines.  The process of charring is able to give a caramel essence to the liquor since it caramelizes its sugar content which increases life of your spirit and adds in a little vanilla essence.

For storing at home, you could opt for small sized oak barrels that will give the liquor its flavor within a few month’s time and is ideal for storing spirits. You need to store it in a place which is away from direct sunlight. You must also fill it up with hot water for at least 24 hours before you fill in the liquor of your choice. Once done this, your liquor can be stored for year’s altogether. Then, after some weeks you start consuming the liquor as it will be ready.

Barrels are available in 6 sizes up to 20 litres of capacity. Each barrel will come with a stand, a bung, spigot and medium char. It is simple to construct and can be fit in without any nails or glue. You could also throw in a few accessories like mugs, or barrel heads or shot glasses along with your main oak barrel. These accessories though are simple but they can prove to be really great side gifts to a unique wedding gift. Maintenance of these barrels is easy and all you need is simple barrels wax and a cleaning kit to help you through it.

Wine barrels will prove to be a quite unique gift to any newly married couple.  The oak barrels are indeed the unique wedding gift you would want to give to your loved ones. You can now pamper your friends and family with this wonderful gift without having to spend a lot of your cash or aimlessly walk around the mall with no luck.

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