Whiskey Flavored Essence

Each 20ml bottle can me mixed with 750ml – 1L of unflavored vodka or other liquor. You can then age in our barrel for that great oak color and flavor.

Now you can make your own custom blended Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch with the Red Head Oak Barrel liquor essence flavors. Flavor your neutral spirits with the distinctive taste of your favorite drink and age it in one of our charred oak barrels.



Whiskey, including bourbon and rye, is first distilled as a white liquor with an incredibly high alcohol content. This white dog whiskey is poured into oak barrels and then aged where the liquid expands, contracts, absorbs color and flavor while some of the alcohol actually evaporates. You don’t have to wait years for that deep, pleasurable flavor. Add these Whiskey Essence Flavors to your favorite spirit and experience a total transformation. Favorites such as Highland Scotch, Tennessee, Irish, Honey, Canadian Rye, Southern, and Kentucky are available. These products are all natural, easy to use and are sure to please.

Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle into Red Head Oak Aging Barrel. Fill with (725ml) of 35-40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka or swish alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 1 Liter. Use 1 bottle of essence per liter of alcohol. Age spirits to your taste in our Oak Aging Barrel!

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol and caramel color.

Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch Family

Canadian Rye = Crown Royal

Tennessee = Jack Daniels

Kentucky = Jim Beam

Irish = Jameson

Southern = Southern Comfort

Highland Malt Scotch = Glenlivet

Blended Scotch = Johnnie Walker (Red)

Cherry Bourbon

Spiced Bourbon = Wild Turkey Spiced

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in
Essence Whiskey

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56 reviews for Whiskey Flavored Essence

  1. Pat M. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Very easy to use. Eagerly anticipating the results. A fun hobby!

  2. maximus9701 (verified owner)

    Great product and very fast shipping. Will definately do business with again. I am looking forward to making whiskey next.

  3. hallrn60 (verified owner)

    Really easy and I get many compliments on the taste.

  4. Blake Harness (verified owner)

    First run at trying this product. Turned out better than I had hoped. Shipped quickly and this entire process has been fun. Will continue to order more from this company.

  5. Bryan Newberry (verified owner)

    Quick shipping and great product. Make surer to leave it alone when you get everything in your barrel.

  6. David Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent product.
    Be patient, let it age.
    Enjoy the results.

  7. James Hosaka (verified owner)

    First of all very fast shipping! This stuff is awesome. I added to neutral spirits and it creates a very smooth flavor, very drinkable! Can’t wait to try the other flavors I ordered.

  8. Stephen Baxter (verified owner)

    Love this, all of this!!! I didn’t even realize this existed until my family got me a kit for Father’s day and now I really enjoy it as a hobby!!! I’m on my 3rd batch already, learning as I go – Red Head’s videos are very educational!!!
    I’ve already placed one reorder and am ready to get a second barrel so I can do tequila or something. The Tennessee bourbon is great, flavorful, and I enjoy saying that I made it :-). I’m now making the Kentucky bourbon, stay tuned!

  9. pdbarraza (verified owner)

    Just started another batch of Bourbon. This time I’m trying a Tennessee Bourbon, my last batch was the Kentucky Bourbon. I used both the vanilla and caramel flavor enhancers and the taste was great. Just what I look for in my bourbon. I plan on buying another barrel soon so that I can alternate my recipes sooner. Loving my barrel.

  10. Jeffrey Sweetland (verified owner)

    Just bottled a batch of the Highland Scotch. The taste is excellent and I will definitely make again. Also bought the cherry brandy which I have aging in my barrel right now. Shipping fee was very high, but they gladly refunded my account to lower it to a reasonable amount. Will order more in the future. Would be great if RedHead could get their system to charge the proper shipping fee at the time of order. Otherwise, great to deal with

  11. Justin DiGiacinto (verified owner)

    Got my best review from a “Whiskey Snob”. He took a drink from my RedHead Canadian Rye, then a drink of his CR Black. He waited, then did it again. His exact words, “man, I don’t know which one I like better”. I have more fun making it and telling people how I did it. Most don’t believe me until I show them my barrel. The only problem now is everyone wants me to make them some. Loving it!

  12. Craig (verified owner)

    Wife bought me an oak barrel from another company (which works just fine), but their essence refills were uneconomical due to a $10 shipping fee. While Red Head Barrel essences are about $0.25 more per bottle, it comes out to being much cheaper than the competitors due to the free shipping. As far as the quality of the essence, I would say it’s a direct replacement for other whiskey essences on the market. My only suggestion would be to expand their flavor selection.

  13. melissakolenz

    Got this for my husband’s 40th bday. He LOVES it! It’s a new hobby in our household and we are looking to see what our next barrel purchase is going to be!!

  14. John (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these whiskey essences! I have a Gluten allergy but love whiskey and scotch and this is the best way for me to have them. The hardest part is the waiting…I highly recommend these products and have been a loyal Red Head Barrels customer for a few years now.

  15. GREGS (verified owner)

    First time trying this, added the Southern flavor, we will see how this comes out.

  16. brianloos2695 (verified owner)

    Love the products, but a little disappointed in the cherry bourbon. You’d like it if you are looking for a mild flavor, but I was expecting stronger cherry and bourbon flavors. Definitely love the other essences.

  17. Jacrossjr (verified owner)

    This is my first attempt making whiskey. All my product came in on time and well protected. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. For my first batch I am using the Tennessee flavoring. I am am taste testing at the end of week 3 and it is good! I am leaving it one more week before starting my next batch!

    Jim – Michigan

  18. Justin DiGiacinto (verified owner)

    Having a blast with this! Experimenting with some different ideas and flavors. Actually had work buddies that prefer my mixture over their “regular” choice. So far, the most preferred is half Canadian Rye and half single malt Scotch with one toasted oak enhancer. Made a batch on accident, and everybody seems to like it better. Anyway, thanks so much for your product. Only problem is, I’m gonna have to upgrade to the bigger barrel. I’m getting too many requests for my smaller barrel to keep up!! Thanks again,

    Justin – Oklahoma

  19. Steve (verified owner)

    I purchased several flavor essences and have one batch going now with the Oak essence added to a Tennessee Whiskey. About half way there and is is tasting pretty nice. Also purchased a new bung and tap. Everything arrived promptly. I like the product offerings.

  20. michael (verified owner)

    Ok, I started with a 1 liter barrel and within two years now own five 1 liter barrels and one 10 liter barrel. I would probably have bought more but Red Head would not remodel my basement and make my countertop larger. Aging whiskey has turned out to be a wonderful hobby for me. It is easy but, satisfying in trying to pinpoint the ultimate flavor. It took several iterations over the years, but I feel I have successfully came up with my favorite recipes. I complicated the recipes by using quality bitters, sweet vermouth, and Everclear mixed with distilled water to around 90 proof. The Whiskeys I came up with are as follows: Black Walnut, Chicory Pecan, Black Strap, Tequila Whiskey, 1794 (using Campari), and the Highland Single Malt Scotch using just the Highland Malt Essence. This Essence is probably better than tasting Glenlivet in my opinion. My 1 liter barrels expanded to 40 ounces after curing, about 6 ounces more than a liter; so I use 1.5 bottles for the 1 liter to get a full bodied flavor.

    Thanks Red Head for adding this wonderful hobby to my life. The barrels look awesome next to my espresso maker. Honestly, I do have 3 favorite whiskeys I purchase, but for some reason, the homemade whiskey is much easier for me to digest than the bottled stuff. I think because there are no additives or artificial colorings. Invest in as many barrels as your counter supports. They are worth it! Maybe Red Head will make a wooden stacking device some day so we can stack barrels like the pros!

  21. Ethan (verified owner)

    Customer service was awesome and shipping was fast! The Irish Whiskey is on its 3rd week and I can’t wait to try it!

  22. simrion

    I received a 3 liter barrel for Christmas along with Canadian Rye Essence. Phenomenal first batch, tastes just like Canadian! Aging some XO Brandy, can’t wait to try that.

  23. heinz33346 (verified owner)

    Received 6 additional bottles for Christmas. Have 2 batches going. Always tastes great. Exceptional customer service.

  24. amandasprice12 (verified owner)

    Awesome product, and friendly service.

  25. amandasprice12 (verified owner)

    Awesome product, and friendly service!

  26. Stephen (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with these barrels. The whiskey tastes great and the customer service answering any questions I may have is second to none. I highly recommend this company for both it’s great product and excellent customer service.

  27. griffin (verified owner)

    I ordered the Scotch and Irish whiskey essence and I have to say, It taste GREAT, not only great product, but GREAT customer service.

  28. djreid (verified owner)

    OK. So I’m a little weird. I was looking for ways to cut down my alcohol intake and thought that if I could add Bourbon essence to sparkling water, kind of like those little squirt bottles of flavor, that would help me. Guess what? Success!! Bourbon essence in fizzy water is GREAT! I like the flavor, and the feeling as it goes down the pipe. I used a medicine dropper and proportioned the size to get the right taste. Yay!!

  29. Louis (verified owner)

    I have now made my second batch of Highland Malt “Scotch” in my cask which I seasoned with sherry. The results at the Celtic festival last week were incredible!!! A friend did some taste testing with numerous guests against a top shelf single malt and, without exception, everyone preferred the “scotch” from my cask. The folks at Red Head are wonderful to work with and will be receiving much more of my business as well as new customers that result from the trials at the festivals. Keep up the good work!

  30. bob.correa.19 (verified owner)

    Great product and great service. Orders are processed very quickly and product ships promptly. I have made several batches of the Canadian and Tennessee and have never been disappointed.

  31. heinz33346 (verified owner)

    made the cherry bourbon, made the creole rum, had some friends over and all was gone within a few hours…..great products, great service from your company and just fun to make

  32. Sharon (verified owner)

    My husband is a lover of all whiskey and bourbons. For his birthday, our kids got him his barrel and items for a first batch. I admit, I was skeptical of how it would taste. HE LOVED IT. The way he kept sampling it everyday, I didn’t think there would be any left to bottle. It went over well enough that for an early fathers day gift I got him the essence for three more batches. One is going as we speak. Not only do we love your product, but your service has been outstanding!! Thank you all


  33. alanaleemiller (verified owner)

    Great site with so many flavor options and clear descriptions of the products. My essences shipped very quickly and I really like the labels on the bottles. I’m still aging my whiskey but can’t wait to try it! I’m sure it will be great. Thanks Red Head Barrels for making this fun activity easy!

  34. peter3801 (verified owner)


  35. peter3801 (verified owner)

    I’ve aged the Irish, Scotch, and Honey Bourbon. Friends that have sampled it with me have said it was better than the “real booze” in side by side tastings.

  36. Charlie (verified owner)

    We aged Rincon Del Tajo while waiting for the flavors( which was a fast delivery) . Dumped the wine, added vodka and Cherry Bourbon. After that sat for several weeks we did our first tasting – we were thrilled. Incredible flavor for such a short time.
    Plan to get a new spigot and hope that our first spigot was just defect.

  37. Arnold Ziffel (verified owner)

    Bought the Canadian Rye flavor and put it in the Vodka I purchased and hope for Crown Royal taste alike.

    Just have 7 more weeks to go

  38. Eric Mitchell

    I have yet to get started with my kit! This was delivered much quicker than we thought! Can’t wait to see how she does!

  39. Scott (verified owner)

    I received a 1L barrel for Christmas from my girlfriend, and I have to admit, this was one of the coolest things I have ever received. I love Jamison, so she got me the Irish Whiskey flavor and I loved it. I went ahead and ordered the Kentucky Bourbon, Spice Rum, Vanilla Enhancer, and a New Bottle for my most recent order. The bourbon is currently aging, and I cannot wait to open that baby up next week!

  40. heinz33346 (verified owner)

    Received the barrel kit as a Christmas present from my kids…made my 1st batch with bourbon essence and turned out great…purchased additional cherry essence and will run that batch next month…enjoyed your product, quick shipping and phone/web communication…Heinz

  41. Michael (verified owner)

    Great product. My wife got me the kit for Christmas and I am already ordering more essence. shipping was superfast, three days. And that was during the holiday season!

  42. Brian (verified owner)

    Here’s a good mix for everyone. Add 2 1/2 Highland Spiced Essence. 1 tbsp sugar and 1/2 shot Fireball. Let sit for 20 days for 2 liter barrel. Very nice flavor!

  43. Logan (verified owner)

    Finishedy first batch of Canadian rye. I now have a new favorite hobby. It turned out awesome. Great flavor great color. Very good oakey taste. Now got a honey batch going can’t wait.

  44. Brian (verified owner)

    Love the Irish Whiskey Essence. Products from Redhead always show up fast and in perfect condition. For a treat, mix in a shot of fireball to your Whiskey batch. You will be glad you did!

  45. Travis (verified owner)

    When my (store bought) moonshine in a barrel (from another vendor) wasn’t turning into whiskey after a few months, I added one Kentucky Bourbon essence per liter and have whiskey just a few weeks later. This is now essential for my process.

  46. parchesr (verified owner)

    My wife gave me a gift, a barrel kit. Loved it , and I did a taste test with some friends . Well they told me it tasted and looked like Johnny Walker red. This was achieved in about 8 weeks using the scotch whiskey enhancers. I will continue to use the barrels and try some different recipes . Good product, Steve , looking forward to getting another barrel.

  47. Patrick (verified owner)

    Love my Redhead Barrel…can’t wait for my 4th batch to mature, trying the cherry bourbon this time!

  48. michael (verified owner)

    Thank you Steve for answering my questions. You are so great with communications. Fast shipping and all around great customer service.

    I have been using Everclear as a base, 151 proof and 190 proof. I cut it with distilled water to 90 proof and this is where the dollar savings kick-in. I use a Hydrometer to measure the alcohol. 19 ounces of 190 proof and 21 ounces of distilled water = 40 ounces of 90 proof, (my 1 liter barrels expanded to 40 ounces). I just sampled the 90 proof Highland Malt just after 1 month of barrel aging and … oh my, it is so smooth. It is better than Glenlivet!

    Bars are starting to sell aged cocktails like Manhattans for $22 a glass. So for the fun of it, I added to a 1 liter barrel of plain Everclear, 15 dashes of Angostura bitters, 15 dashes of Black Walnut Bitters, 15 dashes of Aged Whiskey Barrel bitters, (cinnamon flavor), a touch of the Toasted Oak that you sell, and a splash of sweet vermouth. It is awesome, everything blended and aged nicely for 2 months.

    Thanks Again Steve,


  49. michael (verified owner)

    Great products and services. Their flavors are true, but the best part of Red Head Barrels that separates them from other businesses, is their outstanding customer service and communication. Their response time is super fast and they truly care and really want your product experience to be nothing less than outstanding. I already turned two of my best friends onto their products and they are shocked on how incredible the taste is and how easy it is to make.
    Thanks guys, keep up the good work. You strive for success while other business just do not care about their customers satisfaction.

  50. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great barrel. Engraving was perfect. Fast delivery. Really enjoying the Highland scotch. I could not be more pleased with Redhead barrels.

  51. Teddy (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Product was as stated thank you.

  52. bstings22 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a 5 liter barrel (and KY bourbon essence). The barrel was shipped and received within four days. I was extremely pleased with the quality and anxious to begin aging some whiskey. I look forward to report on the results.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

  53. L. A. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping, and great customer service! I have the Highland Malt Scotch essence in a 1 liter barrel with plain vodka and a shot of Fireball, and Cherry Bourbon essence in another 1 liter barrel with Ole Smokey Moonshine. I put sherry wine in both barrels for a week prior to putting in the vodka/moonshine and essence. I’ve now had them aging for a month and have been tasting once a week. After first week, it tasted harsh, but now after a month in, the taste has really smoothed out. Both batches I have taste really good! I am excited to try some other recipes, and to try the vanilla flavoring (he gave me a free sample shot of a batch he used vanilla flavoring on, and it tasted excellent!). BTW, his youtube videos are super informative as well. Check them out!

  54. Stephen (verified owner)

    I recently received a shipment that consisted of Irish Whiskey Essence and the Barrel Cleaning Kit. Everything was intact and the cleaning kit instructions were easy to follow. Everything that I have received from Red Head Barrels has been up to my expectations. I will continue to order my supplies from Red Head Barrels.

  55. Patrick (verified owner)

    My girlfriend got me the Redhead whiskey kit for Christmas. I was so impressed with the 1st batch of whiskey that I made, I had to get more. This stuff is awesome! I highly recommend this product to anyone that loves whiskey.

  56. bgrae001 (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for running such a professional outfit. It’s rare to come across someone who takes care of the customer after the sale. I’m loving my irish whiskey with a hint of Ceylon cinnamon essence. Awesome stuff.

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