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Get your hands on our barrel aged cocktail recipe booklet.  12 page color booklet filled with tips, ideas and 16 delicious recipes. Including recipes for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila, rum and gin cocktails.  You will love the flavor you get from our barrels in these classic cocktails.



Red’s Recipes – Barrel Aged Cocktail Recipes included in the book are only the scratch of the surface. Whatever you can imagine you can age in a barrel and add flavor.  Our booklet will give you the recipes for some of the most popular cocktails for aging a small oak barrels. If you want to add a twist to any of our recipes then cure it with something besides water and add another flavor profile to your batch. Such as curing your barrel with a port wine before aging your manhattan cocktail will give is some of the tawny port notes.

Barrel aging cocktails has emerged as a trend that not only adds flair to mixology but also enhances the drinking experience in myriad ways. The process involves aging cocktails in barrels, typically oak, for a period of time, allowing the flavors to mellow, mingle, and develop complexity.

One of the primary benefits of barrel aging cocktails is flavor transformation. The porous nature of oak allows for interaction between the spirit and the wood, imparting unique characteristics such as vanilla, caramel, and spice notes. This results in a smoother, more nuanced profile that elevates the drinking experience.

Furthermore, barrel aging imparts a subtle oxidative effect, akin to that of wine aging, which helps integrate flavors and round out harsh edges, resulting in a harmonious blend of ingredients.

Moreover, the time spent in the barrel allows for the cocktail to undergo subtle evaporation, concentrating flavors and enhancing viscosity, resulting in a richer mouthfeel.

Beyond flavor enhancement, barrel aging also adds a sense of novelty and sophistication to cocktails, appealing to aficionados seeking unique drinking experiences.

In summary, barrel aging cocktails offers a multitude of benefits, from flavor enrichment to textural enhancement, making it a technique worth exploring for discerning drinkers looking to elevate their imbibing adventures.

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