Rum Flavored Essence

Each 20ml bottle mixes with unflavored rum to make about 750ml – 1L of flavored rum. Age in your barrel for that great oak color and flavor.

Oak barrel aging is great for neutral spirits. The white lightning liquor will quickly soak up all of the oak flavor, but the final product can still be tweaked with these Rum Essence Flavor bottles. Rum produces the perfect blend of sweetness and bite; it’s a flavor that will definitely please the palate. It’s no wonder that it is commonly used in adult desserts. These simple essences come in all sorts of flavors including Amber Cuban, Caribbean, Cocorum, Jamaican and Spiced rum. Just add the essence to your favorite spirit and taste the transformation. These essences use all natural ingredients.




Spiced = Captain Morgan Spiced Jamaican = Captain Morgan Jamaican Amber Cuban = Captain Morgan Cuban Caribbean = Bacardi Gold Cocorum = Malibu (this is sold at an 40 proof but bootlegged at an 80 proof) Creole Orange

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Essence Rum

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3 reviews for Rum Flavored Essence

  1. Nicole McLaren (verified owner)

    I bought my husband the 5 Liter barrel for an anniversary gift, He’s a huge Captain Morgan Fan so I figure this would be perfect for him, I also had to purchase the spiced rum essence.
    After searching the internet high and low just to find a recipe on how to make the spiced rum we settled on one that called for the use of Vodka or Everclear. We being it was the first time using this we went with the Vodka just because the cost and we didn’t now just how it would turn out.
    It’s been aging for about 4 weeks now and honestly he said it taste nothing like Captain Morgan but I think that was just from the recipe we used and not the spiced rum essence.
    If anyone has a recipe that is close to the original Captain Morgan it would great if you could share it… lol

  2. Graham (verified owner)

    Great Flavor. Depending on your barrel size will determine how much you need. I never used this before and I added about half a bottle (it came out faster then I wanted it to) to a 5 Liter barrel as a test. It’s still aging but the few tastes I’ve tried are great.

  3. Ry (verified owner)

    So far I’ve made batches of the Spiced Rum, the Jamaican Rum, and used the Toasty Oak enhanced additive. All have lived up to expectations and taste wonderful. I honestly might never buy rum again–was a regular for Ron Diaz and Captain Morgan–given how much better the home-aged stuff tastes. Price/oz has been at the very least 20% lower for me, but that doesn’t at all account for the satisfaction of doing this all oneself. I plan on getting another two barrels here in the next year–one for whiskey and one so I can make and then age some homemade wine. RHB has been wonderful to work with so far–quick customer service, fast shipping, and lots of community support with recipes and how-to’s.

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