Wholesale Oak Whiskey & Wine Barrels

Interested in wholesale oak whiskey barrels? Looking to make money selling barrels? We've got wholesale whiskey barrels available here. Join our private network of distributors and distilleries in North America. Fill out our short contact form and we'll reach out to you shortly.

We Have Real Whiskey Barrels

It's easy to get scammed by fake brokers, resellers, and suppliers. We're the real deal when it comes to whiskey barrels. Get in contact with us and we'll tell you our process from order placement to delivery. Since we ship barrels daily, we know what to expect and can help guide you through the process.

More About Our Distillery Grade Wholesale Barrels

We have the best quality for oak whiskey barrels available on the market today. Why? We use brand new wood that hasn't been previously used or recycled from old barrels. We go after handpicked lumber that's sawed the best way for oak barrels (Rift Sawn). We have our own quality control systems to make sure that each barrel comes out the best it can be. Even our accessories like stands have higher quality wood, craftmanship, finish, and decoration than most barrels that others sell.

Ask About Our Availability

Place an order whenever you need it and get immediate support. We'll process your order quickly in order to get you to the next step of the process so you can spend less time waiting for your barrels. Even with custom orders, barrels can be available quickly so don't hesitate to ask.

Fair Pricing

Between all the fake sellers, pricing can get out of hand when it comes to wholesale. We're not like that - you'll get the real price upfront with no smoke and mirrors


"I haven't sold any of 'his' barrels for probably 6 months when I shifted over to you guys. I'm telling you, I have not had one complaint of a leaking barrel from you're barrels. From (company redacted), that is another story. What a nightmare. I cringe when I sell one of them. I swear it had to be a 10% leakage problem. In the 2022 Christmas season he ran out of barrels and that was a fiasco too... I've always heard of excuses. That is always a red flag for me that I cannot rely on one supplier for a particular line, in this case, the barrels. Then the leakage problem and other comments made or out of stock then I said, no frickin' way is this going to work. So I am exclusively going with you. It's so obvious that you have the superior product for barrels. It's not even close." - P. H.


Send us your information to get started. After submitting your information, you will get a call from one of our representatives who will assist in getting your account activated and provide you with all the details of the program.

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