Whiskey Accessories


You are going to need some glasses to drink from. We have whiskey/rocks glasses as well as shot glasses. We can personalize with our laser engraving any glassware you choose to make the perfect gift that they are sure to never forget.

Bottles & Flasks

We have several bottles and flasks to keep you batch in after you have aged it. Once you get the flavor you like just pour it in a bottle and the aging stops. It also keeps your liquor from evaporating and losing it to angel's share. Maybe you want to take a few shots with you to share with some friends. If so then a flask is what you need. Don't forget that we can also have them personalized with our laser engraving and they make a great gift by themselves or added to a barrel for a great gift package.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey should never be served at a temperature such as 35 degrees. The wood oils will congeal at that temperature. Actually, the flavor of whiskey is lost whenever the temperature dips below 50 degrees. Keep in mind that the whiskey oils are aged to perfection, along with the cask to ensure that the flavor is locked in. Whiskey stones are made to reduce the bite without watering down the flavor. Keep it Cold, but Do Not Dilute with Whiskey Stones

Barrel Mugs

Each wooden oak barrel mug is hand-made. The mugs have a stainless steel insert and will last for years. We can even engrave your initials, name or image on the outside for you. The perfect personalized gift for the beer drinker in your life.

Barrel Heads

These barrel heads are refurbished Wine and Whiskey Barrelheads that hang on your wall. You can personalize them the same way you can personalize one of our barrels. The barrelhead will be Laser Engraved with your personalization. Do you think all those white American oak barrels sitting in the flavor houses of Kentucky are just plain white oak? American distillers and wine makers are incredibly proud of their craft and often hire their own boutique barrel makers whom stamp the barrels with particular dates and logos. You can do the same with personalized barrel heads. Your white American oak barrel head can be inscribed with a template or a personalized message or logo. This really puts your stamp on the spirit making process and adds to the ambience of the aging process. Show your pride with personalized barrel heads. We invite you to email our engraver about what you want engraved on your barrel head, design@redheadbarrels.com and he will help you with personalizing this one of a kind Wall Hanging Barrel head.

Replacement Parts & Cleaning Kits

Here you will find replacement parts for oak barrels such as spigots, bungs, stands. You will also find cleaning, sanitizing and sealing products for oak barrels.

Barrel Flower Vase

Perfect centerpiece flower holder for your wedding reception or just as at home for your kitchen table. 2 liter oak whiskey / wine barrel is approximately 7 inches high by 6 inches wide. Rustic, western, country, barn weddings are a great place to have the perfect touch to your tables. Each barrel is coated on the inside with a waterproof bees wax so you can keep your flowers fresh in water without worry about leaking.

Essential Whiskey Accessories For Every Home

If you want to take your whiskey to the next level, it’s time to accessorize. The whiskey accessories and barrel products at Red Head Barrels will give your home or office a brand new look. You can freshen up your table or desk with our whiskey barrel flower vase. Or hang a barrel head on the wall in your man cave. We also have a whiskey barrel ice bucket that looks great in any kitchen or home bar and barrel canister sets that will jazz up your counter space.

When it comes to whiskey barrels and whiskey accessories, we are super particular. We would not offer you anything we don’t use ourselves! Our quality products will exceed your expectations. From the proper glassware to the right chill, there are plenty of ways you can elevate your whiskey drinking experience.

Serious whiskey drinkers will appreciate the whiskey accessories we offer at Red Head Barrels. We know you’re not the type to drink your whiskey from your college shot glass collection. We also know you’re not likely to water down your whiskey drink by throwing in a handful of ice cubes. We’ve got you covered with the right whiskey accessories you will be proud to use and display. And don’t forget—you can turn that $20 bottle of whiskey into a $60 bottle of top shelf deliciousness with any one of our handcrafted whiskey barrels.

Experience True Color And Aroma With Whiskey Drinkware

Savor the exhilarating aroma and rich color of your favorite whiskey with Red Head Barrel whiskey accessories, like personalized whiskey drinkware. Our rocks-sized whiskey glasses can be custom printed with any name or logo and are ideal for your home bar, to use as marketing promotions or even as wedding favors.

We also offer a whiskey drinkware set, which includes a bourbon bottle and two whiskey rocks glasses, customized to match. You can choose artwork from our gallery of graphics and fonts or simply upload your own image or logo. No matter what you’re using customized whiskey drinkware for, you’ll love the textured imprint and the weight of our glasses. You can also skip the personalization and order our whiskey drinkware as-is and crystal clear.

There are times when you just want a shot. When it comes to whiskey accessories, turn to our sleek set of two 1.5 ounce shot glasses. We also sell a single BarConic shot glass featuring the Red Head Barrel logo in red. This durable shot glass holds 1.75 ounces and is considered the classic serving size for shots at the bar and is also known as the whiskey shot.

And then we have our red 30-ounce stainless polar tumbler imprinted with the Red Head Barrel logo. It features a no-spill, fit-tight lid that doesn’t leak and is perfect for keeping any drink cold (or hot).

Whiskey Bottles For Your Homemade Liquor

After you’re done aging whiskey or other liquor, you’ll need to put it in something that makes it uniquely yours and reflects the quality you’ve created. At Red Head Barrels, we have whiskey bottles along with other whiskey accessories to show off and properly store your newly-created liquor.

Once you have achieved the flavor to your liking, just pour the whiskey from your barrel into one of our whiskey bottles and the aging stops. Our attractive whiskey bottles also prevent your newly-made liquor from evaporating.

Our whiskey bottles can also be personalized with laser engraving. An engraved bottle full of your homemade whiskey makes a great gift.

The 750 ml bourbon and whiskey bottles we offer at Red Head Barrels is the same bottle used by many distillers. Of course, you can also keep just about anything in it that you would like—tequila, rum, bootleg, scotch, you name it.

If your whiskey is properly stored in the right bottles, it should safely last a lifetime. Make sure you also keep those bottles upright and vertical, not laying horizontally, which is only appropriate for wine. Wine has lower alcohol percentage, and the cork won’t be affected. A cork will slowly disintegrate with the onslaught of an 80 proof (or higher) whiskey.

Light is whiskey’s biggest adversary; avoid direct sun. When the sun shines on a whiskey bottle, chemical reactions will start to degrade the liquid. Keep your whiskey in a cool, dark place.

Whiskey Flasks For Those Times When You Are On The Go

People have found creative ways to carry their booze around for centuries. Maybe you want to take a few shots on the go to enjoy your homemade premium whiskey and share it with friends. Our premium whiskey flasks are the perfect whiskey accessories for you. Whiskey flasks are iconic whiskey accessories rooted in nostalgia, from college day football games to tailgate parties. Whiskey flasks mature with your lifestyle and are essential whiskey accessories for any sophisticated drinker. Whiskey flasks are perfect for traveling or for outdoor events and are also great personalized gifts.

The best whiskey flasks work with your own personal sense of style. At Red Head Barrels, we have a 6-ounce stainless steel flask that is perfect for taking your aged spirits on the go. You’ll never have to worry about losing the top, thanks to a hinged screw top lid. It’s the perfect size for your inside pocket, your back pants pocket or tucked into your purse or handbag. Our stainless steel whiskey flasks can also be engraved and personalized and make great gifts for groomsmen or for just about any special occasion.

We also have a 6-ounce leather-wrapped stainless steel flask that stands alone or comes as part of a set that includes two stainless shot cups and a mini funnel for filling the flask. The set can also be ordered as a 6-ounce stainless steel flask set. Both can be personalized. Our 1-ounce red keychain flask comes with a mini funnel and can also be engraved and makes a great gift.

Chilled, Not Diluted: Whiskey Stones Are Perfect Whiskey Accessories

One of the most hotly debated discussions whiskey lovers have is over the best way to sip their libation of choice. Some people like it neat, others prefer just a splash of water, and still others want it chilled. The chill factor kicks off further conversations over the best way to achieve the right temperature.

Many whiskey drinkers add a few drops of water to detect more aromatics on the nose and, by lowering the alcohol content, it allows the taste of more flavors. But if water isn’t your thing, and you just want it chilled, there is an advantage of using

 instead of ice.

These whiskey accessories are not designed as a replacement for ice in a mixed drink, nor are whiskey stones effective at making your drink ice cold. Instead, whiskey stones are the whiskey accessories of choice for those who want to chill their drink into the 60-to 65-degree fahrenheit range, the ideal chill range for drinking whiskey.

Just as you don’t want to drink whiskey at room temperature, you also shouldn’t drink it too cold. Whiskey starts losing its complexity around 45-50 degrees. Whiskey stones are effective at achieving the perfect level of chill without the dilution factor of melting ice. Whiskey oils are aged to perfection to ensure the flavor is locked in.The flavor is lost whenever the temperature dips below 50 degrees. Below 35 degrees, and the wood oils will congeal.

The process of chilling any drink involves transferring the heat from the drink to the cooling object like ice or whiskey stones. An ice cubes melt they absorb the heat from the whiskey; the melted ice then cools the liquid around it. Since the stones don’t melt when in the beverage, they just absorb the heat of the whiskey, making the stones warmer. The stones will ultimately stop cooling your drink as time passes, returning the whiskey to its original temperature in about two hours.

Red Head Barrels has top-of-the-line whiskey stones that are imprinted with the Red Head Barrel logo and include a red pouch with our logo for storing your stones.

Whiskey Barrel Mugs Are Perfect For Beer (And Cocktail) Drinkers

Red Head Barrels has authentic whiskey barrel mugs that are perfect whiskey accessories for your home bar, man cave, or even your kitchen. Our full size 1 liter oak barrel mugs are made from real American white oak barrels that have been charred for aging and coated inside and out with clear beeswax to give it a waterproof seal.

Our whiskey barrel mugs are created from genuine barrels that were used to age tequila, whiskey or bourbon. The wood has been reconditioned and remanufactured into these great oak whiskey barrel mugs for you to drink your beer or other drinks from.

Each wooden oak barrel mug is reinforced with a stainless steel insert and will last for years. We can even engrave any initials, name or image on the outside. This makes a perfect personalized gift for the beer or cocktail drinker in your life.

Whiskey Barrel Heads Make Fabulous Gifts

What do you think all those white American white oak barrels sitting around in flavor houses are used for? American distillers and wine makers are incredibly proud of their craft and often hire their own boutique barrel makers to stamp the barrel heads with particular dates and logos. You can do the same with our personalized barrel heads. This puts your stamp on your spirit-making endeavor and adds to the ambiance of the aging process.

The whiskey barrel heads we carry at Red Head Barrels are authentic, refurbished wine and whiskey barrel heads that you can hang on your wall. You can personalize them the same way you can personalize one of our barrels. We will laser engrave the whiskey barrel heads with any text, logo or design you want. These whiskey barrel heads make great gifts for a newly-married couple or for your favorite bar owner.

We have many different styles of whiskey barrel heads available.

Whiskey Barrel Replacement Parts For All Your Needs

When you need whiskey barrel replacement parts for your personal American oak whiskey barrel, you can look to Red Head Barrels. We carry whiskey barrel replacement parts including spigots, bungs and stands as well as products for cleaning, sanitizing and sealing.

  • Our replacement spigots are one of the most sought-after whiskey accessories when it comes to whiskey barrel replacement parts. They’re designed for your barrel’s size to ensure it’s pouring the cleanest aged spirits. 
  • Replacement bungs are essential whiskey barrel replacement parts and ensure nothing is leaking out of the barrel bung hole.
  • Barrel wax will help you seal up small leaks and is easily applied to the outside of the barrel. It can help leaks around the edge of the barrel head, pin holes and leaks between barrel staves.
  • Cleaning and maintenance kits include barrel wax, citric acid, sanitizer and campden tablets.
  • Our Oak Barrel Cradle Stand is sized by barrel and is a replacement for the original included with our oak barrels.
  • Cleaning kit includes citric acid, sanitizer and campden tablets.
  • Wine preserver is a combination of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to provide protection while you age your wine to the right flavor.

There is a lot you can do with a barrel and we at Red Head Barrels have expanded that to a new level. Check out our barrel related products that will give your home or office a new look. Whether you want to freshen up a table with our barrel flower vase or hang a barrel head on your wall in the man cave you will find our quality barrel products exceed your expectations. Don’t forget the kitchen where you can add our barrel ice bucket and kitchen barrel canister sets.