Aging Rye Whiskey in a Cream Sherry Cured 2 liter Oak barrel.

Barrel Aged Recipe – Jim Beam Ghost In An Ole Smoky Moonshine Cured Barrel

Barrel aging Don Q Rum in a Cream Sherry Cured Barrel

Barrel Aged Cocktail Negroni in Sherry Cured Barrel

Aging Scotch in a barrel that was cured with Spiced Cherry Rum – Barrel Aged cocktail recipe:

Age Woodford Reserve in a barrel cured with Ole Smokey Moonshine – Barrel Aging recipe

Aging Leopold Bros Straight Bourbon in Ole Smoky Moonshine Barrel

Aging Bird Dob Bourbon in a barrel cured with Christian Brothers VS Brandy Recipe:

Aging 150 proof Forress Park rum in a Gentleman Jack Daniels cured oak barrel

Aging Bacardi Rum in a barrel used for aging a Manhattan Cocktail with Knob Creek 100 proof Rye Whiskey

Apple cinnamon Maker’s Mark (bootleg)

Aging Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch in Moonshine Barrel

Age Your Liquor In Sherry – Cognac – Port Wine Barrels

Aging Ole Smoky Moonshine After Crown Royal In Oak Barrel – Red Head Oak Barrels

Aging Jack Daniels In Oak Barrel after Moonshiners Ole Smokey

Aging Tequila In Oak Barrels At Home – Reposado – Anjeo – Red Head Oak Barrels

Here I am aging some Crown Royal Black in a barrel that was used to age Irish Moonshine. This should be a delicious oak barrel recipe.

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