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The basic ingredient of a drink is the essence, which ultimately determines the flavor of the beverage, and its quality and character. There are quite a few different types of essences that are available such as bourbon, whiskey, rum, and brandy; each alcohol flavor is individually bottled with ultimate care, so that it blends in perfectly with the concentration of the beverage. The more one uses the essences the better he would understand the tastes, and the countless ways in which these can be blended to create perfect flavors that one would want to savor on. Essence, is indeed the soul of the drink.

Adding the right liquor flavoring essence to your own neutrally flavored liquors and spirits is important, unless you want them to have little or no taste. Whether you are a seasoned spirit aging pro or just starting out, here at Red Head Oak Barrels, we offer a wide range of liquor flavoring essences to meet all your needs. Whether you bought your oak barrels from us or not, you will love our liquor flavoring essences. It will be the perfect complement! If you like to take the time to figure out which flavors you like best, these essences are perfect for experimenting. However, you should be prepared to be experimenting with liquor flavoring essences for quite some time, because of the great variety of flavors that we offer. They include 8 types of whiskey, five different types of rum and four different flavors of brandy. Liquor flavoring has never been more fun! All you need to get started to create the best tasting drinks are several bottles of great tasting essence, some bottles of neutral flavored alcohol from your local liquor store and one or more of our oak barrels.