Liquor & Alcohol Flavor Essences

Whiskey Flavors

Whiskey, including bourbon and rye, is first distilled as a white liquor with an incredibly high alcohol content. This white dog whiskey is poured into oak barrels and then aged where the liquid expands, contracts, absorbs color and flavor while some of the alcohol actually evaporates. You don’t have to wait years for that deep, pleasurable flavor. Add these Whiskey Essence Flavors to your favorite spirit and experience a total transformation. Favorites such as Highland Scotch, Tennessee, Irish, Honey, Canadian Rye, Southern, and Kentucky are available. These products are all natural, easy to use and are sure to please. Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle into Red Head Oak Aging Barrel. Fill with (725ml) of 35-40% alc./vol. grain alcohol, neutral vodka or swish alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 1 Liter. Use 1 bottle of essence per liter of alcohol. Age spirits to your taste in our Oak Aging Barrel! Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol and caramel color. Canadian Rye = Crown Royal Irish = Jameson Southern = Southern Comfort

Rum Flavors

Oak barrel aging is great for neutral spirits. The white lightning liquor will quickly soak up all of the oak flavor, but the final product can still be tweaked with these Rum Essence Flavor bottles. Rum produces the perfect blend of sweetness and bite; it’s a flavor that will definitely please the palate. It’s no wonder that it is commonly used in adult desserts. These simple essences come in all sorts of flavors including Amber Cuban, Caribbean, Cocorum, Jamaican and Spiced rum. Just add the essence to your favorite spirit and taste the transformation. These essences use all natural ingredients. Spiced = Captain Morgan Spiced Jamaican = Captain Morgan Jamaican Amber Cuban = Captain Morgan Cuban Caribbean = Bacardi Gold Cocorum = Malibu (this is sold at an 40 proof but bootlegged at an 80 proof) Creole Orange

Flavor Enhancers

Now you can enhance the flavor or your aging batch with our custom additives.  Add more Carmel for that smooth color you are looking for in your bootleg batch. You can even enhance liquor store top shelf liquors to get the flavor you enjoy the most.  Increase the vanilla or oakiness in  your barrel aged batch. You can add the flavor according to your taste. You may like a little or you may like a lot.  Buy a bottle and find out.  Each bottle is 50 ml  (1.7 U.S. Fluid ounces) 2X Carmel” is a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liquors, liqueurs and dark beers. 2X Vanilla is a double strength natural vanilla extract used to enhance whiskys, rums, brandies and liqueurs. “2X Toasted Oak” is a specially made food and beverage oak flavor, produced from selected oak wood. “Raspberry” adds a taste of raspberry to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor. “Strawberry” adds a taste of strawberry to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor. “Cinnamon” adds a taste of cinnamon to your whiskey, rum, bourbon, brandy, vodka or whatever you want to flavor.

Whiskey Flavoring Essences

Whiskey is a bold drink for a bold person, it inspires confidence and projects class. Flavored whiskey is a twist on the traditional distilled grain alcohol utilizing the addition of different flavors. For a flavored whiskey enjoyed by all, our whiskey flavored essences are the standard for whiskey and essence enthusiasts alike. They allow for an unprecedented level of customization and improvement in pursuit of the best flavored whiskey. The ability to customize your whiskey is a must have for any alcohol enthusiast. Limitless flavor combinations exist, the use of essences for alcohol spirits enable you to fine tune your flavored whiskey to accomodate any flavor palate. From Highland Scotch to Canadian Rye the fusion of your favorite neutral flavored vodka or swish alcohol with any of our whiskey alcohol flavoring essence will result in a unique and memorable experience each time. The cherry bourbon alcohol essence will add a sweet and desirable flavor to your whiskey creating a unique experience that will be a joy for your palate to process. Our non alcoholic whiskey flavoring is an all natural way to achieve the deep flavor sought after through the process of aging whiskey, utilizing essences for alcohol spirits the conventional whiskey flavor loved by all can be achieved quickly and affordably. Customization never truly ends when it comes to alcohol flavoring essence, whiskey flavor can be changed as well as intensity. The best flavored whiskey for each person is different so experiment away! Your ideal flavored whiskey might be in the next batch you make! The process for using the alcohol essence to make flavored whiskey is simple and can be enjoyed by savvy brewmasters and newcomers alike. Simply mix the alcohol flavoring essence with a grain alcohol in one of our Oak Aging Barrels, the concentrated whiskey flavoring will flavor and enhance what would previously be a boring and unimpressive flavor and turn it into a gentleman’s whiskey that will stand among the best of them.

Rum Flavoring Essence

Everyone loves drinking rum, it is synonymous with beach days, good vibes and easy living. Bring the flavor of the Caribbean to your home with one of the 5 choices of rum alcohol flavoring essence. Your home crafted rum will take its drinkers on a trip they won’t forget through a unique flavor experience exclusive to your rum flavored by our alcohol essence. Whether you are making a light brew to be used in a flavorful cocktail, or a nice dark drink to be consumed neat, rum flavored alcohol essence can completely transform or bolster an old recipe, or inspire a new idea. The best flavored Rum is within your grasp and worth pursuing, just mix some of our essences for alcohol spirits with your favorite neutral liquor to recreate some favorites. Create great flavored rums just like Captain Morgan Spiced, Captain Morgan Jamaican, Captain Morgan Cuban, Bacardi Gold, Malibu, and Creole Orange! These classics have stood on their own for generations and with a good oak barrel and some alcohol essence your brew could stand amongst them. They say variety is the spice of life and rum alcohol flavoring essence can provide the variety and the spice necessary to broaden your horizons and lead a truly spicy life. Rum’s unique flavor makes it a desirable choice for desserts, and cocktails. Create the perfect dessert rum to use in your cooking, or for an after meal relaxer. Having a variety of flavored rum options will always come in handy when entertaining, cooking, or giving a gift. The Rum alcohol flavoring essences are also an economical choice considering the cost of retail flavored rums, each 20 ml bottle will make about 1L of flavored rum. Using our rum alcohol flavoring essences in an oak barrel will yield you a better flavor, and a lower cost per ounce than buying a premade flavored rum. The pride you feel when you achieve the best flavored rum, will only be matched by the intensity and purity of the flavor. The combination of the white lightning liquor, and the oak aging barrel, influenced by the all natural essences for alcohol spirits will be a life changing experience. The bold unique flavor achieved by using alcohol essence to craft and age your own rum will be the talk of your drinking circle for many evenings to come.

Brandy Flavoring Essence

A brandy drinker is familiar with being particular — it is a personality trait often found in people with exceptional taste. Being picky or particular with your Cognac is a virtue of luxury and you can bring that luxury home with brandy flavoring alcohol essence. Brandy flavoring has been a huge hit, enhance the quality of your brandy with the XO flavor or create an entirely new experience with the Apple Brandy Essence. People love our Brandy essences for alcohol spirits! Mixing a bottle of brandy alcohol flavoring essence with a bottle of your favorite neutral flavored brandy will net you a creative concoction guaranteed to satisfy and impress time and time again. The true joy of brandy and many wine based drinks is the pursuit of one’s ideal flavor, this can be affected by many factors in the production of brandy that are out of the consumers control. Alcohol essence gives you a bit more of a say in this by influencing the flavor of the brandy and molding its robust flavor to fit your taste specifications. Brandy is about appreciating detail, subtlety and nuance. Flavored brandy is the ultimate example of this, adding unique flavor combinations such as cherry or plum to a brandy can add the playful tantalizing taste you have been pursuing. It’s never too late to open your mind to new things. If you are the kind of person who has a hard time straying away from what you’ve grown accustomed to, essences for alcohol spirits could be the perfect toe into the water that is flavored brandy. Modern day mixology relies heavily on subtlety, flavor compatibility, and presentation. Flavored brandy, aged in an oak barrel is the perfect example of this and can make even the most simple neutral flavored brandy seem like a master mixologists concoction with just a little bit of alcohol flavoring essence. Alcohol essence can bring a modern day take to a beloved classic, and bring together brandy lovers of all generations. When you drink with friends and family you drink to have fun, spread the fun to everyone with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Alcohol Flavor Enhancers

Don’t get stuck with liquor that has little or no taste. Be prepared to savor the flavor with our selection of enhancing flavor essences. Beyond the essences that help replicate or modify conventional classics there are also essences that introduce entirely new flavors to your spirits. There are six delicious natural flavor essences to choose from and each one will provide a unique and enjoyable experience to the whisky, rum, brandy, or liqueur of your choice. The flavor enhancing essences for alcohol spirits can be used to fine tune or spice up the taste or oakiness of one of your barrel aged batches, or added to conventional classics for a unique and fun experience. The caramel flavor is rich and extra dark and provides a good color for liquors or dark beers. Or if you are in the mood for a little bit of fun, some of the fruity flavors can be used to replicate signature favorite cocktails or invent new treasures. The raspberry flavored alcohol essence goes particularly well with vodka. A generous amount of flavoring can contribute a lot to a neutral flavored vodka, or a small amount of alcohol flavoring essence can add a subtle taste of raspberry to an esteemed classic. The strawberry flavor compliments a creamy liquor, tequila, or vodka especially well and adds a fun fruity twist to many fan favorites. Strawberry margaritas with strawberry infused tequila, alcoholic strawberry shakes, the possibilities are truly endless with the variety of flavor enhancing alcohol essence. Cinnamon is a staple flavor in many desserts, dishes, and more recently liquor. The cinnamon alcohol flavoring essence is a versatile tool that can be used to bring out the flavor of existing favorites, or add some holiday flare to a new invention. The vanilla flavoring which is a natural extract comes at an increased strength to enhance whiskies, brandies, rums, or create a new flavor entirely. Consider mixing essences to further customize and push your flavors. The toasted oak flavor is made for food and drinks that are pursuing that luxurious oak flavor so often associated with fine dining and drinking. A good whiskey, aged in an oak barrel, enhanced by the oak flavor would be a force to be reckoned with on the flavor field. Cinnamon flavored liquor bolstered by alcohol essence can be mixed with a creamy liqueur to create a fun cereal like taste, or added to a whiskey, rum, bourbon, or brandy.  The caramel flavoring can be used to quickly achieve the color that is often sought after when appraising liquor. It creates the ideal color and consistency for your brew to stand proudly amongst the top of the line or 5 star competitors. There’s no need to settle for adequate with our flavor enhancing alcohol essence around, add a little or add a lot it’s up to you to make the flavor as strong or as subtle as you’d like. Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities, it may take some time and experimentation to nail down the perfect ratio of essence to liquor depending on the spirit you choose to mix it with. This offers many opportunities for the curious mixologist to practice their new hobby on their friends and family, you’ll always be able to have a new concoction ready or be able to bust out an old favorite with a ready reserve of alcohol flavoring essence.

The basic ingredient of a drink is the essence, which ultimately determines the flavor of the beverage, and its quality and character. There are quite a few different types of essences that are available such as bourbon, whiskey, rum, and brandy; each alcohol flavor is individually bottled with ultimate care, so that it blends in perfectly with the concentration of the beverage. The more one uses the essences the better he would understand the tastes, and the countless ways in which these can be blended to create perfect flavors that one would want to savor on. Essence, is indeed the soul of the drink.

Adding the right liquor flavoring essence to your own neutrally flavored liquors and spirits is important, unless you want them to have little or no taste. Whether you are a seasoned spirit aging pro or just starting out, here at Red Head Oak Barrels, we offer a wide range of liquor flavoring essences to meet all your needs. Whether you bought your oak barrels from us or not, you will love our liquor flavoring essences. It will be the perfect complement! If you like to take the time to figure out which flavors you like best, these essences are perfect for experimenting. However, you should be prepared to be experimenting with liquor flavoring essences for quite some time, because of the great variety of flavors that we offer. They include 8 types of whiskey, five different types of rum and four different flavors of brandy. Liquor flavoring has never been more fun! All you need to get started to create the best tasting drinks are several bottles of great tasting essence, some bottles of neutral flavored alcohol from your local liquor store and one or more of our oak barrels.