Barrel Dimensions

Barrel Size From end to end of Barrel Width of Barrel Head Diameter of Engraveable Face of Barrel Head
1 Liter5"4.5"3.5"
2 Liter7"5.5"4"
3 Liter8.5"6"5"
5 Liter9"7"5.5"
10 Liter11.5"9"7"
20 Liter15"11.5"9"

all sizes are approximate since barrels are handmade and each will vary slightly.

Conversion Chart for Bootleg Barrels and Essences

Barrel Size Neutral Grain Alcohol Bottles of Essence
1 Liter1 Liter1
2 Liter2 Liters2
3 Liter3 Liters3
5 Liter5 Liters5
10 Liter10 Liters10
20 Liter20 Liters20

Conversion Chart for Barrel Size to Different Volumes

Barrel Size 750 ml Bottles Volume
1 oz Shots
1 Liter1 1/333.80.264
2 Liter2 2/367.60.528
3 Liter4101.40.793
5 Liter6 2/3169.11.321
10 Liter13 1/3338.12.642
20 Liter26 2/3676.35.283

This chart below shows the aging time comparison in different size barrels. It shows the ratio of square inches to liters of volume. The volume ratio is shown in a ratio to a standard 53 Gallon whiskey oak aging barrel. You can now determine the length of time you would need to age in your specific barrel size at home compared to the barrels at the distillery.

Volume (Liters) Surface Area (Sq. Inches) Surface to Volume Ratio Ratio to 53 Gallon Barrel Days = 1yr Weeks = 1yr Months = 1yr
1 Liter2062066.31588.241.90
2 Liter2971484.548011.452.64
3 Liter3981334.079012.792.95
5 Liter5691143.4910514.923.44
10 Liter892892.7313419.044.39
20 Liter1382692.1217324.585.67
200 Liter or 53 Gallon6535331.0036552.0012.00