Gift Ideas

Gift Packages

We have selected some of our most popular gift items and assembled them in several gift packages. These engraved gift packages are perfect for the special person in your life. These gift packages are great for graduations, retirements, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, military and much more.

Gifts For Him

Looking for a great gift for that special man?  You are sure to find something here at Red Head Barrels.  We have gift packages, whiskey making kits, custom engraved barrel heads, cigar barrels, shot glasses and man size barrel mugs.  Each can be custom engraved to make it a personal one of a kind gift for him.

Gifts For Her

If you are looking for a gift for that special lady in your life then you can find quite a few personalized gifts for women right here at Red Head Barrels.  Women love wine and they also love wine barrel decor.  Our oak barrel related gifts for her are perfect as-is but can be even better if it is personalized with our laser engraving.

Wedding Gifts Ideas

Genius Wedding Gift Ideas That Satisfy The Entire Wedding Party

Gift giving is an art, especially when it comes to weddings. Whether you’re the bride and groom shopping for your attendants or a guest invited to the big event, wedding shopping takes time and thought. We all long for wedding gift ideas that are cool but also practical. And that perfect present the entire bridal party will not only love but actually use. As an invited guest, you are hoping to find that quintessential something that’s not on the wedding registry but is a gift the couple will adore.

When searching for unique wedding gift ideas, you want to find a gift that is sentimental but also fun, different and useful. You want to find the perfect way to express your thanks to those friends and family who helped make your big day extra special. When thinking about how much to spend on groomsmen gifts ideas, there is so much to consider, from the number of attendants in the wedding party to the money allocated in your budget.

Think Different When It Comes To Wedding Gift Giving

When you’re looking for different wedding gift ideas, a gift made from authentic 100 percent American White Oak barrels might be just what you are looking for. Red Head Barrels are handmade in Texas from trees cultivated only in the United States and crafted by genuine Coopers.  

From oak barrel mugs and oak wooden barrels, to vases, ice buckets and canister sets and more, wooden oak barrel gifts are splurgy but not ostentatious, practical but not prosaic, fun but not kitschy. At Red Head Barrels we have gifts especially suited for the happy couple and other ideas that work great for wedding parties large and small. You can mix and match and customize in any way that works and also find something unique for your best man or maid of honor.

One of the best aspects of groomsmen gifts or other wedding party gifts made from wooden barrels is that each one tells a story, not just from the wood itself but from the personalization and design. Just as no two trees are exactly alike, so it is with gifts made from wooden barrels. Each carries its own subtle signature wood grain, color and scent that comes from nature and the cooper’s artistry. The rest of that uniqueness comes from the gift giver: curation, design, inscription, color accents.

If you’re looking for unique wedding gift ideas, something different for the entire bridal party, or a present the bride and groom will always remember, consider the offerings at Red Head Barrels. We have wooden barrels of all sizes for aging spirits, beer and wine as well as just about any decorative and practical item you can imagine. Customization is one of our specialties and we can personalize most gifts exactly the way you want. Aging liquor in whiskey barrels is fun and easy and we have guides, recipes and more on the Red Head Barrel website.

Groomsmen Gifts Ideas For The Best Guys In Your Life

Forget the tchotchkes, coffee mugs, pocket knives and pens; your groomsmen have plenty from trade shows and other weddings they were in. When you need clever groomsmen gift ideas, think Red Head Barrels. You want to give your groomsmen or bridal party a gift to remember, something they will use, and be excited to receive. Something, too, that will be a remembrance of your special day. Easier said than done, right? Not at all. At Red Head Barrels, we have groomsmen gift ideas that are different than anything you’ve seen before.

If you’re looking for popular groomsmen gift ideas that are also something unusual, useful and fun, you have to think outside the proverbial wedding box. Chances are, each guy or girl in your wedding party has different taste, but there is a probably common thread that ties everyone together. Consider those factors while also thinking if you can satisfy everyone with the same gift. You can certainly buy each person a unique present while still keeping the intended spirit of a groomsmen gift. Ideally, a great groomsmen gift idea should be a remembrance for those who are honored to be part of your inner wedding day circle.

When thinking about perfect groomsmen gift ideas or bridesmaid gifts:

  • Make it personal. This gift should be symbolic of your relationship.
  • Keep it a secret. Surprises are much more fun!
  • Avoid gag gifts. Save the funny gifts for the bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  • Make it original. Think about the many gifts you’ve received as an wedding party member.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Personalization takes time and you don’t need last minute stress.
  • Tie groomsmen & bridesmaids gifts together: This can be a way to develop camaraderie among the groups.
  • Remember a thank-you card: Write each attendant a personal note from the heart to thank them for their friendship and support through the years.

Wooden barrels or gifts crafted from wooden barrels are uniquely different. Not only are these handmade groomsmen gifts personalized and varied, they’re likely to be something your wedding party will always use.

Here is just a sampling of some of the original groomsmen and best man gifts we offer at Red Head Oak Barrels:

Cool Wedding Gift Ideas The Entire Wedding Party Will Love

When deciding on gifts for the wedding party, it would be great to find something everyone would be excited to receive. Imagine both groomsmen and bridesmaids happy to get the same bridal party gift. It seems like an impossibility but when you consider a gift made from wooden barrels, suddenly you have choices you never thought of before.

Wooden barrels typically conjure giant 53-gallon casks aligned or suspended in distilleries or artfully repurposed in restaurants and homes. On the commercial front, 53-gallon oak barrels are the norm for the production of a wide range of spirits. Now imagine those same barrels, just smaller, lined or entirely reconstructed. What you get are authentic oak wooden barrels crafted for smaller batches and repurposed as unique gifts. Consider these for your groomsmen, best man or the entire bridal party:

  • Oak Barrels for Aging: At Red Head Oak Barrels we have sizes starting at just 1 liter that make perfect wedding gift ideas. Used for aging spirits, wine or beer, the smaller oak barrel size makes for fast aging; you can see results in just weeks.
  • Cigar Barrel Kit: Cigar lovers can change up their next cigar experience by aging it an oak barrel first. Our kit is a great wedding gift idea and comes with your choice of liquor essence as well as humidity beads and full instructions.
  • Whiskey Making Kit Gift Package: This kit is packaged for five wedding party members and makes a unique groomsmen gift that will be used and remembered long after the wedding day has passed.
  • Barrel Mug Gift Package: Each wooden oak barrel mug is handmade from authentic full size oak barrels that were previously used to age, tequila, bourbon, whiskey or scotch.
  • Engraved Barrel Head Coasters: These mini-barrel head coasters aren’t actually made from barrels but they sure look the part. Solid wood and personalized any way you want, these coasters are a great keepsake that are also practical.
  • Aging Barrel and Mug Gift Set: Perfect for the best man or even the maid of honor, this unique gift includes a 1-liter barrel mug, along with a shot glass and flask keychain.
  • Personalized Card and Flask Set: Cards, dice, a shot glass and funnel are packaged in a personalized wooden boxed with a beautiful 7-ounce stainless steel flask.   

Let Red Head Barrels be your one-stop source for unique groomsmen gifts, bridal party gifts and wedding presents. We can engrave almost anything we have for sale with the sentiment of your choice and we’re always here to answer any questions you might have. Your complete satisfaction is always our number one concern and we’re not happy unless you are.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas No One Else Will Think To Buy

Choosing a wedding gift for the happy couple in your life is a hard undertaking. You want to communicate a message that’s personal; one that shows the spirit of the bride and groom as well as your own unique touch. Even if the couple has a wedding registry, you might want to go rogue and find something that complements the list but also stands apart as being something only you would find.

When you put thought into the gift you’re giving and choose something meaningful, you’re conveying a wish for that person’s happiness. A thought-out gift can add special meaning beyond buying from the wedding registry or writing a check. When you are looking for a wedding gift idea and want to give something that will always be remembered but also thoroughly enjoyed, Red Head Barrels has ideas you probably never thought of.

For example, everyone likes having something specifically personalized for them. After all, your monogram is unique to you, and whatever is graced with your name or initial will be an original. A lot of monogrammed items actually become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. Who wouldn’t want the engraved oak barrel from their grandparents wedding, gifted to them by their very best friends? Here are just a few ideas to work from:

  • Engraved oak barrel ice bucket & wine glasses: Our oak cask ice bucket is coated on the inside with beeswax to give it a waterproof seal and is engraved to match accompanying wine glasses.
  • Wedding Card Barrel: No guest will have to worry where to put the wedding cards when you give the bride and groom this personalized genuine oak barrel repurposed as a card holder. You can have it delivered to them in advance so they can use your gift on their wedding day.
  • Personalized Oak Barrel Vase: This is a beautifully rustic centerpiece that is coated with beeswax to ensure your fresh cut flowers stay in bloom.
  • Barrel Head Bottle Holder: This unique monogrammed wall hanging has a wrought iron holder for the couple’s favorite bottle of wine.
  • Personalized Wine Barrel: Handcrafted from American White Oak, Red Head Barrel’s  Bag-n-Barrel holds a 3 or 5 liter bag of any boxed wine.
  • Wine Making Kit: Everything is included to make a gallon of Cabernet wine and age it to perfection in a charred American White Oak Wine Barrel.
  • Custom Barrel Head: Wine and whiskey barrel heads that hang on your wall can be laser engraved with any personalization.

Why Choose Red Head Barrels

At Red Head Oak Barrels, we take pride in every single product we make and sell. Our handmade American oak barrels are specially designed for aging and mellowing rum, whiskey, bourbon, tequila, brandy, wine, beer and more. Proprietor Steve Mayes—AKA Red—experimented with barrel aging for many years before opening Red Head Oak Barrels in 2013.

A U.S. Navy Veteran, his business philosophy is to over-deliver and give his customers more than they expect. A Baton Rouge native living in Dallas for over 25 years, Red Head Barrels believes in “lagniappe,” an expression in Louisiana that means “a little extra.”

We have a variety of recipes and liquor making kits so you can turn ordinary spirits into top shelf liquor for a fraction of the price. Make your own flavored Canadian, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Irish Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Spiced Rums, and more at home for about $10 a fifth.

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews and stand behind every product we make. A multi-generational team of professional expert coopers make our wooden staved vessels by sanding and tapering the oak staves so that they fit the hoops perfectly without nails and glue.

The oak aging barrel is perfectly charred during assembly and each comes with a wooden spigot, a bung and a stand. Call us with any questions you have at 469-969-0449 or see our website for more information.

"Congratulate the happy couple on their big day with a personalized gift from Red Head Barrels. Get them something that will last for years and they wouldn't even think of getting themselves. Don't buy from the wedding gift registry like everyone else, get them something so unique they didn't even think of it."

Groomsmen Gift Pack

Are you the groom, best-man, groomsman, or maybe just the bachelor party planner?  We have the perfect gift. Whether your friends and recipients are drinkers or smokers this is the package you want. Even if you don’t have 6 groomsmen in your party just think about father in law, future father in law. (Great way to get on his good side to start out).

Gift Card

Looking for the perfect gift? Let your recipient choose the exact engraving, the right size and their favorite essence flavor. Purchase a gift card for them and we will email it to them. Be sure to include their name and email address with a note from you below.

Red Head Swag

Check out our Red Head Swag. cool shot glasses, mini flasks whiskey stones and t-shirts.  All with our cool Red Head Barrel logo. Add some to your order to round out a cool gift for that someone special.

Personalized Gifts

Holiday gift shopping is challenging and even stressful. Choosing personalized gifts makes things easier because you look like you put some real thought into it. This is only one of the reasons why you should choose personalized gifts this year. This includes the fact that they're: Thoughtful and unique because they include something as simple as the person's name or monogram or you can add a special message or photo to them. Memorable and cherished items the person receiving the gift will cherish. For instance, a customized Christmas ornament becomes a great gift when personalized because the recipient feels it's made just for them. Perfect for any occasion since there are so many choices available. Exclusive designs and options are available for you to preview before the personalized gifts are actually created. Budget-friendly and meant to last because manufacturers use the best materials and yet the price is kept affordable too. By choosing personalized gifts you'll stand out from the crowd. This is especially great when you're shopping for someone who's difficult to shop for or when it's important that you leave a good, lasting impression. So, make sure you consider giving personalized gifts to your friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Personalized Card and Flask Set

Great gift idea for the card player in your life. Personalized card, dice and flask gift sets.

Looking for gift ideas? We have oak barrel gift sets in all varieties that make memorable gifts. Aging barrels and mug sets, cigar barrel and liquor barrel gift sets, or just get the Gold package that has all the oak aging barrel goodies with it.