Mini Whiskey Barrel Planter

These mini whiskey half-barrel planters are so cute you will want them all over your house and backyard.  We have cut our small oak barrels in half so you can plant some cute succulents, flowers, plants, trees, or use it for a centerpiece for your table. So many ways to use them just choose your size. These barrels are made from new white American oak and are charred on the inside just like the distilleries use. (since we make barrels for them too)



Half Barrel Planter 1L                     5.5”(width) x 3.25”(height)

Half Barrel Planter 2L                     6.5”(width) x 4”(height)

Half Barrel Planter 3L                     7.5”(width) x 4.25”(height)

Half Barrel Planter 5L                     8.5”(width) x 5”(height)

Half Barrel Planter 10L                  10.25”(width) x 6”(height)

Half Barrel Planter 20L                  13.5”(width) x 7”(height)


Small Half Whiskey Barrel Planter For Sale

These small and mini whiskey half-barrel planters are perfect to setup anywhere in your house and backyard. Our half barrels come from brand new american white oak and are a great housing pot for succulents, flowers, plants, small trees, or centerpieces. The color and shape is perfect for almost any plant – and you can choose your size. Our barrels are also charred a medium char exactly like how distilleries do (since our barrel are distillery grade). In this case, it will just make your plants look even better.

Our small and mini whiskey barrel planters range from 1 Liter to 20 Liters in size (their original sizes). The amount of soil they can carry will vary but generally we recommend for the 1 liter to hold up to (and not more than) 1 quart of soil and the 20 Liter hold up to ~5 gallons. It’s also possible to turn these into hanging baskets, but in that case we recommend you fill them with even less soil than the original recommended amounts.

If you’d like to customize your half barrel planter in color, size, or anything else – contact us directly to see what customization options you have for your barrel.

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Half 1 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter, Half 2 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter, Half 3 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter, Half 5 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter, Half 10 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter, Half 20 Liter Whiskey Barrel Planter


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