Flavor Infused Barrels

Red Head Barrels has introduced the Flavor Infused Barrel.  This is where we cure the barrel for you but instead of just curing it with water we cure it with the liquor flavor of your choice.  This adds a some great flavor that what you want to age in the barrel.  It also gives you an opportunity to try a flavor you have never tried before.  For example you could order a bourbon infused barrel from us then age your tequila in it.  You may find that quite tasty. Or you could order an oak barrel that has been infused and cured with Irish whiskey then age your own homemade version with our Irish whiskey essence and vodka.  This will eliminate the need for you to cure the barrel when you receive it. All you do is pour  your liquor in and let the aging begin. Not to mention it keeps your liquor from soaking in to the barrel since ours has already done it.