Rum Making Distilling Kits: Make Your Own Rum Kit

Our Rum Making Kits include high-quality essences that give you the opportunity to produce aged rum at home from any neutral rum. These essences are the perfect companion to our premium aging barrels, taking the aging process to a new level by adding the same natural flavor components you love in your favored rum and other liquors. Just start with a silver rum that has a no added flavor, and add your choice of rum flavor essence, and soon you’ll have a top-shelf aged rum you made yourself right at home for less money than you would spend on ready-made, store-bought products.
These flavor essence rum accessories are super easy to use, requiring only one quick extra step to the process of using your aging barrel. Before you fill your barrel, mix the essence with the rum of your choice. Then, pour the mixture into the barrel and age it precisely as you would any other liquor. The compounds in the essence will complement the other naturally-occurring processes in the oak barrel, giving you a quality finished product that you’ll be pleased with, even if you are an extremely discerning drinker.
The essence is the drink’s primary ingredient, ultimately determining its flavor, character, and quality. From whiskey and bourbon to brandy and rum, there are many essences available, each individually bottled with care to blend seamlessly with the concentration of the liquor. The more you experiment with essences, the better you will understand the different tastes. You’ll soon find out that there are countless ways to blend various flavors to create unique, finely-tuned drinks you’ll love to savor. Simply put, the essence is the heart and soul of the beverage.