Traits Of American White Oak Barrels

Oak barrels used to store wine and whiskeyRomans were one of the first people to transport wine in wooden barrels. Oak wood was usually used for this purpose as it not only preserved the wine well but also enhanced its taste and texture. Though there are many woods that are in many ways better and tougher than oak, they are not suitable to store and transport wine. Oak is less porous and can be bent into round shapes very easily. It also adds aromas, such as vanilla, toast, coffee, smoke, tobacco and cedar to the wine stored in it. These aromas add to the texture making it look creamy and smooth.

Brown and red oak barrels have been in vogue for years, but the changing trends and requirements have also raised a demand for white oak barrels. Ever since it was discovered that American oak was ideal for making wine and whiskey barrels, the tradition of storing wine in oak barrels has endured.

Why white Oak Barrels?

Though oak is not very porous compared to other woods, a small amount of oxygen can enter the barrel and add softness to the wine inside. Through the same pores, the water content in the wine also evaporates increasing the wine’s concentration. Red wines made of Shiraz and cabernet Sauvignon require wooden oak barrels for storage.

Things You Must Know about White oak Barrels

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Oak barrels must be filled at least half way at all times if they are to keep their size. Constant contact with the liquid inside of them is what allows them to maintain their form.

Though many dealers sell barrels labeled oak wood barrels, they could be recycled old tequila barrels. Here at Red Head Oak Barrels, all of our American white oak barrels are really made of oak wood.

The wood in white oak barrels consume a part of the liquid stored in it to stay in shape. At least 100 ml a year is its consumption rate. If you store 1000ml, you will end up getting only 900 ml at the end of the year.

You cannot just store any kind of alcohol or drinks in white oak barrels. They work only for high percentage alcohol spirits like rum, whiskey and tequila. Storing liquids with a low alcohol content requires expertise and knowledge in home brewing.

Curing white oak barrels is an important aspect one must know before using them. Also, one must make sure that they are leak proof.

A barrel used to stock white wine must not be used for red wine and vice versa. They can never be interchanged or mixed.

It is natural that after sometime, everything loses its originality and potency. The same goes with white oak barrels too. Instead of just dumping them in the trash, cut old barrels, and use them as designer flower pots or paint them to create attractive showpieces or seats in your garden.


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