Jack Daniels Oak Barrel

Jack Daniels Oak BarrelJack Daniels Old No 7

Jacking Daniels is whiskey that is from Tennessee, and back in 1887 Jack named it No.7. No one actually knows why he did this. It goes without saying that the original Jack Daniels was created in a Jack Daniels Oak Barrel.

Some people say that they think Jack was just honoring his seven girlfriends, while some people say that it was just the 7th recipe. However, a good explanation is that the missing barrels story. Back in 1904, the company shipped out seven barrels of the whisky, but reports said that the company that was delivering the barrels lost not just one Jack Daniels oak barrel, but all seven of them. Another seven barrels were shipped, but the first seven that were lost were found, and they were marked “Old Number Seven.” Each barrel was marked in order to avoid confusion.

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Single Jack Daniels Oak Barrel

A single Jack Daniels oak barrel is usually aged for about 7 years, which is about 18-24 months longer than the No.7. However, it is worth pointing out that there is actually no statement about the age on the bottle.

Each Jack Daniels oak barrel  is drawn from the warehouse’s top racks. The temperature at the warehouse varies, and this is why the effects of aging are far greater.

Each bottle that comes from the single Jack Daniels oak barrel has a neckband. This neckband indicates the number of the Jack Daniels oak barrel, as well as the rack location of the single Jack Daniels oak barrel, and even the bottling date.

Also, bottles differ in style, and this is according to the cask, which is where they are bottled from. Each core profile is the same, but some bottles are more elegant than the standard No. 7. They are rich in vanilla, as well as cocoa, honey, gingerbread and even cooked fruits, as well as spicy oak and espresso. Depending on whether or not you buy a whole barrel, you may even be able to choose your own cask. That decision is typically left up to the distillery.

Jack Daniels RdGentleman Jack

The distillate used to make Gentleman Jack is similar to Old No.7, as it is slow-dripped through maple charcoal (which has been hardened and packed with sugar) before they are placed in American white oak casks, which is where they will age. This process is done for a second time, but after the ageing process has been completed. This is done for a second time because it produces a whiskey that is softer and mellower.

The second charcoal filtration process takes place at  a bottling plant where there is a mellowing vat that is 10 feet tall. However, the filters are not that densely filled with charcoal. This means that it takes about a day or two less for the spirit to come through. It is worth noting that the filtering vats need to be filled with fresh charcoal on a regular basis, and a panel of whiskey tasters will determined the frequency of how often fresh coal needs to be used in order to fill the vats.

Gentleman Jack was first brought to the United States back in 1988, and when it was first introduced it was inside a 12-sided bottle. The bottle was modeled on a decanter that Jack himself designed, and it was to commemorate the medal that his whiskey won at the St. Louis World Fair back in 1904. The bottle that you are familiar with now was introduced back in 2006/2007. The current bottle is contemporary, and many people think it fits in with the other products that Jack Daniels offers.

The current, and more familiar bottle is a rectangular flask, and the sides are straight, and it features bevelled corners, and there is not much information that can be found on the labeling. The only major difference between this and the standard Jack Daniel’s is that the standard one is not charcoal mellowed twice, which was described earlier in the article.

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