Unaged But Not Untasted: White Dog Whiskey Contenders

Unaged But Not Untasted: White Dog Whiskey ContendersWe prefer our whiskey like we prefer our condo residents: aged with a mean golf swing, but un-aged whiskey does provide a certain charm. Let us tell you about all the un-aged white dog whiskey that we’ve tasted, and all the un-aged white dog whiskey we plan to taste again and again.

We begin with Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey, 90 proof and not aloof. This un-aged white dog whiskey wants nothing more than to please you with her sweet corn goodness and smoothness. Overall, Glen Thunder gives off a corn-cob-covered-in-honey vibe. It definitely ranks as our favorite un-aged white dog whiskey on the market and we highly recommend this un-aged white dog whiskey gem to anyone looking to explore.

The next white dog whiskey we sampled is 99 proof and stored in a stainless steel cask or four years. Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey consists of solid hop notes mixed with an IPA that’s bottle ready. This white dog whiskey also has an undercurrent that surprises the tongue with little bursts of sweetness.

The distillery may have put “moonshine” on the label, but Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine (100 proof) tastes more like corn bread than something that will knock your socks off simply from breathing the fumes. Trust us: when something this powerful tastes like cornbread, it’s not a bad thing. In fact, the cornbread taste proves quite pleasing and will definitely leave you double-checking the fifty-percent alcohol rating on this white dog whiskey. In addition to the corn bread yumminess, it also tastes of vanilla with a dash of black pepper. Dark Corner took all the great things about corn and put them into an un-aged white dog whiskey that we—and any white dog whiskey lover— can love.

House Spirits White Dog is 100 proof and made from 100% malted barley so naturally it consists of a distinct malt flavor. It works well over ice or sipping straight because of the many layers of light spice, sweetness, and faint heat. This is a nice, mellow un-aged white dog whiskey.

If you love rye, get ready for the sipping kind. High West Silver OMG Pure Rye Whiskey (98.6 proof) consists of a whole lot of mustard-free rye. Cereal grains and honey notes will fill your nose as you enjoy the subtle sweetness. A savory grain lingers on the palate, a long finish for a white dog whiskey. This white dog whiskey offers a lot for whiskey lovers to savor.

Popcorn Sutton gave the world Popcorn Sutton Tennessee White Whiskey (93 Proof), the one white dog whiskey that can truly call itself a “moonshine” and not question its own self assessment. The spicy and sweet mix harkens to an outlaw mystique that proves impossible to resist, just what you expect moonshine to deliver. This white dog whiskey definitely fits the description of a really good moonshine.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Headlong White Dog Whiskey is the 80 proof version of what everyone wants in a white dog whiskey. During the maturation process, delicious caramel notes come through. It also offers an undercurrent of coffee along with a slight hint of cocoa. This white dog whiskey is one of the sweetest we tasted, but the sweet taste does not derive from a corn heavy mix. This is also one of the more affordable un-aged white dog whiskey brands you can buy.

Few Spirits White Whiskey (80 proof) is designed with the idea of actually being enjoyed as an un-aged white dog whiskey. It’s not trying to just hold its place on the market, but instead surpass the expectations that most whiskey drinkers think limit an un-aged white dog whiskey  The first notes of this whiskey consist of corn followed by cherry and tarragon, rounded out with a dash of pepper. Few Spirits qualifies as a cleaner, un-aged brand and it might even appeal to vodka drinkers if they feel like venturing into unknown—and un-aged—territory.

So there you have it, or them: plenty of un-aged white dog whiskey to sample then enjoy at your own leisure. There’s something here to please all palette preferences from corny to peppery, all at an affordable price. These youngsters certainly have a lot to offer.

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