Unique Business Gift Ideas From Red Head Oaks Barrel

Unique Business Gift Ideas From Red Head Oaks BarrelWhen looking for unique business gift ideas for an executive or other company senior, it helps to know the latest in executive gifts. The hottest and newest gift currently on the market is the Red Head Oaks Barrel whiskey making kit. Whether making whiskey from scratch or aging it to perfection, these whiskey barrels are ideal for executives with a taste for the finer things. Red Head Oaks Barrel offers many unique business gift ideas for all kinds of taste in whiskey.

Liquor Flavor Essences

One reason this brand stands out among other unique business gift ideas is because Red Head Oaks Barrel offers a variety of flavor essences. Whether the gift recipient prefers brandy, liqueur, rum, schnapps or whiskey, Red Head offers each one with more than 30 flavors. Flavor essences include absinthe vert, apricot brandy, Canadian rye whiskey, deer blood schnapps, honey mead liqueur, scotch whiskey highland malt and white Caribbean rum.

Oak Barrel Styles

Even each barrel from Red Head is unique. The brand offers each barrel in different sizes at one, two, three and five liters. There are also choices between black and steel hoops. For those who want to make the gift even more unique, Red Head offers custom engraving. Not only can recipients engrave words on the barrels, but images and company logos can also be engraved into the barrels. Each kit comes with a bung, spigot and stand. A barrel kit also includes bottles of flavored essence for the barrel you choose, whether one, two, three five, ten or twenty liter barrels.

Barrel Accessories

Red Head Oaks Barrel also includes other accessories to complete the whiskey-making experience. In addition to barrel mugs, the company also offers barrelhead lazy Susans to add to the ambiance of the barrel experience. There are also personalized barrel heads in wine, whiskey or rustic styles and optional custom engraving. Of course, fine whiskey must be enjoyed from a fine shot glass whether sampling or enjoying small bits of brew.

When looking into unique business and company  gift ideas, it is best to go with the latest executive gifts. Red Head Oaks Barrel offers one of the most unique business gift ideas with its barrel whiskey making kits. The company offers a variety of flavor essences to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Those who want to make their gifts even more unique can personalize the barrels with barrel heads and engraving words and images on the barrels.

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