Our Five Star Reviews

Grant S.

Y’alls customer service and communication has been phenomenal, and I do appreciate that.


- Grant S.


I love my Red Head oak barrel! My Tennessee bourbon tastes great! I’m on my second batch. I believe it tastes better than the first one. I’m assuming, the more you run through it, the better the barrel gets. I’ve purchased one for a friend as well, He’s excited to see how it turns out. The Kit is a great gift for family and friends!  Thanks,

- Ken

Jessica S.

I just ordered one of your barrels for my husband for Christmas and we got it in the mail today!  HE LOVES IT!  He’s so excited to start using it and is already planning on buying a new barrel lol.

- Jessica S.


Thank your Mr. Mayes my order has been submitted.  Also I just wanted to let you know that even though there are many sites out there offering mini oak barrels, I chose yours because it’s clear you care about your customers and your product. Your website, YouTube channels, and Facebook page is very welcoming and I appreciate that, not to mention your prompt response to my email! Thank you for a pleasurable experience.

- Nick

Kelley W.

Thanks so much Steve!! I completely understand! I’m glad business is good!!  I will definitely like you on Facebook! I was really impressed with all you have to offer. I did a lot of research and just kept coming back to you!!


- Kelley W.

Mike C.


I just received my two bourbon barrels. They are really beautiful. I had another barrel from another company and y’alls are so much better quality.  I look forward to purchasing more from you in the near future.

- Mike C.

Johnathon L

Just received the barrel and it looks great! Thanks so much for all your help. Pleasure doing business with you sir, and thanks for supporting us service members by putting up with the army postal system!

- Johnathon L


Hi Steve,

The barrels arrived and they are better quality than the ones I used so far, thanks. I started aging some cocktails and looking forward to compare the taste. My neighbor also wants to order a few and gave him your website to order from.

Thanks again and hope to order more later this year.

- Leon

Cody Malin

You’ve found a great way in which to recreate Christmas throughout the whole year for us adults. Every time I “turn” my oak barrel over I know that I’m only a few days away from being able to try my new creation. You did a great job here guys. Everyone who comes over to my house always asks me, “What’s that?” and I always enjoy explaining my oak barrel to them.

- Cody Malin

Mark Morgan

I was able to make some great tequila thanks to the vanilla and coffee bean recipe. It was the hit of our Superbowl party.

- Mark Morgan

Lee Laska

I put Virginia Gentleman into my oak barrel thinking that since I had Buffalo Trace supplies the White Dog to Bowman Distillery may actually give me some really nice results. I must say that after just 5 weeks it’s really quite smooth. In fact, it may actually be much too smooth considering that it’s almost gone now.

- Lee Laska

Joshua Bernhard

I received my first 2L oak barrel from you today. I can’t wait to try the first brew. This is a great looking product. Thanks!

- Joshua Bernhard

Cody Malin

Y’all have found a way to recreate Christmas throughout the year for adults. Every time I “turn” my barrel over I know I am a few days closer to trying my creation. Great job guys, everyone that comes over always ask, “What is that?”

- Cody Malin

Lee Laska

I put Virginia Gentleman in my barrel.  Have to say, after 5 weeks, it is some of the smoothest bourbon I have had, almost too smooth, the barrel is empty. Great product, looking forward to adding a tequila barrel next.

- Lee Laska

Chris Gove

I bought an engraved barrel and we love it. My wife and I started doing home made tequila aged infusions because this barrel helps make things so smooth and refined you forget your drinking tequila. I have a couple barrels now so I can have a good rotation going.

- Chris Gove

Frank Cuevas

My wife and I have been drinking Christian Brother’s Brandy for years and every once in a while we buy Presidente. Both are delicious and have a little bite to it which we just got used to over the years.  I poured a 1.75L bottle of CB in my 2L barrel and in 70 days of aging, I now have the smoothest and most delicious brandy ever. At 60 days, it was delicious but didn’t have an empty decanter to put it in. Brandy drinkers, try it! I promise you, you will love it.

- Frank Cuevas

Kathi Cox

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He is a Bourbon Man… and was skeptical, but thought it at least would be a cool addition to his bar and a way to hold his bourbon..however, he played along. He put a liter of Knob Creek in his barrel and left it there for about 3 1/2 weeks… boy were we both surprised! We did a side-by-side taste test with the leftovers that were from the same bottle and the barrel-aged… it was a much deeper color and even smoother than normal. We were pretty stoked and he couldn’t wait to fill it again!

- Kathi Cox

Karen Owen

Bought 2 3 liter barrels and my husband would like 2 more. He has drank JD forever and he said this is so close that loves it. It is so simple to make your own I would say buy buy buy. $8.99. Is a lot cheaper than $ 34.00 for the other. Best thing I have ever got for him.

- Karen Owen

Chris Velasquez

I’ve had my barrel for a little over 1 year. I have to say, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Whiskey has never tasted sooo good! Thank you guys for such a great product.

- Chris Velasquez

Justin Tooke

Have only put one batch through my barrel. It did not last long! Need to get me a couple more. If your thinking about buying one don’t think just buy it. Worth every penny.

- Justin Tooke


Thank You Deep South Barrels This made a perfect addition to our sweatheart table on our wedding day

- Maria

Brenda Hansen

I received my Johnny Walker oak barrel and I love it. I put in a Red label and 3 months later it tastes like a Green label. This is awesome! Money well spent!

- Brenda Hansen