Campden Tablets

Campden Tablets are used for sterilizing the oak aging barrel. By adding Campden Tablets a day before adding your wine, you can start your aging with a clean slate, so to speak. All the unwanted micro organisms will be gone. Campden tablets can also be used to store an oak barrel. Crush 1 tablet for each gallon of water stored in your barrel.



Campden Tablets have been around for a long time and have become a vital part of the winemaking process. These tablets are made of 450 mg of potassium metabisulphit which is a compound that kills off bacteria. This is a safe and effective sterilizing agent and can be used in a variety of different ways. Sometimes Campden Tablets are added to the wine as it is bottled and other times it is used to sterilize the fruit juice that will eventually become wine. These pills are easy to use and ensure that no spoilage takes place during any step of the wine making process.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1 tablet per gallon (4L) of wine to sterilize fruit and minimize oxidation.

Campden tablets also make great storage tablets. When you store an oak barrel you can’t allow it to dry out. However if you just put water in the barrel to keep it wet you will have a serious problem with mold in about 3 weeks or less. If you crush a campden tablet for every 4 Liters of water you put inside a barrel you will keep the mold from becoming an issue. You don’t have to fill the barrel with water to keep it wet but keep a check on it because the water will evaporate and you don’t want it to dry out.

Approx 16-18 Tablets per Package

Directions for oak barrel cleaning here.

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