Woodford Reserve Distillery Kentucky Straight Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Oak Aged Bourbon WhiskeyWhile Woodford Reserve is among the oldest distilleries in Kentucky, it is still a fairly new brand of bourbon. Nonetheless, during the thirteen years since the launch of the whiskey, it has had a big impact on the industry. Most people love the base bourbon, but this can be found virtually everywhere. Occasionally though, the distillery can produce a very special bottle and, in this case, the series is called the Master’s Collection. The 4th of this restricted edition bourbon was launched on November 1, 2009, and it is appropriately called: “Seasoned Oak Finish”.


  • Strong oak is incorporated into the sweet Woodford Reserve bourbon flavor.
  • There is more depth to the flavor, with extra spices being included in the allocated barrels.
  • A whiskey on the rocks which is intriguing.


  • Might be too costly for whiskey cocktails.
  • Restricted edition bourbon with restricted availability.


  • Select Kentucky Straight Whiskey from Woodford Reserve Distillery. Bourbon finish aged inside barrels which are seasoned for three to five years.
  • Restricted edition bourbon, included in the “Master’s Collection”.
  • Woodford Reserve Distillery, based in Versailles, Kentucky distills the product for Brown Foreman Corp.
  • Woodford Reserve was launched on November 1, 2009.
  • Woodford Reserve is 100.4 proof (50.2% alcohol/volume).
  • Woodford Reserve sells for about $90 per 750ml bottle.
  • Also, the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection includes Sonoma Cutrer Finish, Sweet Mash and Four Grain.

The “Seasoned Oak Finish” Master’s Collection Bourbon Whiskey from Woodford Reserve

There are a couple of traits that differentiate “Seasoned Oak Finish” from a standard Woodford Reserve bottle, and other whiskeys. Firstly, because it is included in the Master’s Collection, the bourbon is a restricted edition and only launched when Chris Morris, the Master Distiller, says so. Usually, launch dates are random and unpredictable. Secondly, the whiskey is finish aged in distinctive bourbon industry barrels.

For this particular bottling, Woodford Reserve have used a few of their normal oak barrels (that they produce themselves) and seasoned them for virtually the same amount of time as the bourbon. This additional seasoning lasts from three to five years, by setting outdoors and staying there over the season changes. Then, the completely matured Woodford Reserve gets poured indoors and permitted to stand for longer and soak inside the oak’s unique characteristics. The end result is an extremely strong and distinctive bourbon, which has made Woodford Reserve famous.

This sipping bourbon has a unique oak flavor and a $90.00 price tag. The additional seasoning accentuates the oak, and draws in spices and anise along with a sweeter side, which bears resemblance to the original whiskey. Undoubtedly, this is a bourbon for both connoisseurs and regular drinkers alike.


Seasoned Oak Woodford Reserve Finish has a mahogany color, which reflects what drinkers can expect in the flavor. The sophisticated aroma has a sweet bourbon background, with hints of cinnamon and clove complemented with caramel and unexpected notes of tobacco and nuts. The palate is packed with oak, as well as dried fruits and anise, which are incorporated into the flavor to mirror the aroma. A lengthy velvet finish is prefaced with a touch of crispness.

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