Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Bourbon WhiskeyDespite being produced by one of the established Kentucky distilleries, Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey is one of the newer bourbon brands and has revolutionized the industry in the over 13 years it has been around. The Master’s Collection version of the whiskey is somewhat harder to find, although the base bourbon can be found just about anywhere and has quickly become popular with those who appreciate a good whiskey. In 2009, the 4th of the limited edition bottles of Master’s Collection was introduced, known as the Seasoned Oak Finish.

* Barrels seasoned for 3 to 5 years are used to finish-age bourbon whiskey.
* Master’s Collection comes in special limited edition bottles.
* Distilled for Brown-Foreman by the Woodford Reserve distillery in Versailles, Kentucky.
* Release date of November, 2009.
* 100.4 proof and 50.2 percent alcohol volume.
* A 750 ml bottle sells for about $90.
Sweet mash, Four Grain and Sonoma Cutrer finish are the other three specially produced whiskies.

Review of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

The Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey has two distinct aspects which set it apart from other whiskies and the regular bottle of the Woodford Reserve. It tends to be produced at random times, based on the whims of Chris Morris, the company’s master distiller, making it a true limited edition. Secondly, it is unique in the industry in the type of barrels that are used to finish-age the whiskey.

Although Woodford uses its regular oak barrels for the process, the big difference is that the company seasons the hand crafted barrels for a long period; in fact, for almost as long as the bourbon itself. The different seasons and the changes associated with them have a big effect on the barrels, as the seasoning is set outside and lasts between 3 and 5 years. Once this process is complete, the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey takes advantage of soaking in the characteristics of the oak, by being allowed to rest for longer inside.

The unique oak flavor and the high price of $90 make the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey one to be sipped. Although anyone can drink and enjoy the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey, it obviously appeals to whiskey connoisseurs as well. The whiskey retains its sweeter side that reminds one of the original bourbon, although t is also rich in spices and anise because of the extra seasoning used in its production.

Tasting Notes

The rich taste is strongly hinted at by the mahogany color of the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey, and there are hints of various other ingredients, along with the sweet bourbon base which is also quite noticeable. These include nuts and tobacco, and perhaps more obviously, cinnamon and cloves. The velvety finish of the Woodford Reserve bourbon whiskey is introduced by the hint of crispness, while the flavors are accentuated by hints of dried fruits and anise.

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