Why Small Oak Barrels Are Great For Housing Spirits


According to data, over 30% of people polled who were aged 18-29 years stated that they drank scotch, whiskey, and bourbon within three months. While many enjoy a full-bodied spirit, there are some great benefits to oak barrels and even giving small oak barrels as gifts. Let’s delve into small oak barrels and why they help to produce such great-tasting wines and spirits.

Smoother and Rounder-Tasting Wine

For some time, oak barrel aging methods and technology were widely used to produce full-bodied wines. Thanks to more innovative aging procedures and technologies, both large oak barrels and small oak barrels house smoother and rounder-tasting wines and spirits. The wooden barrels also house better tasting wine that has undergone microoxygenation and other techniques that help to facilitate a faster aging process while improving the quality of the wines and spirits.

Better Oxidation

Aging spirits and wine in small oak barrels and even big ones requires a careful and detailed oxidation process. Once the extraction stage is over, there are several changes that occur within the pool of compounds that have been extracted from the barrel’s wood. Small oak barrels of delicious wines or spirits would make a great gift for the wine drinker on your list. The beverage will have a full-bodied flavor and texture that will be quite pleasing.

Improved Quality

The utilization of oak barrels for the aging of spirits and fine wines has been quite common for years due to the improvement of several characteristics that the customer notices. The oak wooden barrels release compounds that interact with spirit and the wine. The wooden barrels also allow for the process of microoxygenation to take place. This is vital for achieving desired taste and results. Both the oak wood compounds and the oxygen are then infused into the spirit and wine. Small oak barrels of wine and spirits make the perfect gift. They can adequately store the beverage without the taste ever being spoiled or disrupted.

Why are oak barrels used for the maturation of spirits?

And beyond just providing color, aging a spirit in an oak barrel brings out more of the flavor and aroma that is not present before. The barrel acts as a time capsule for the spirit, as during the aging process the oak interacts with the alcohol, breaking it down through oxidation and maturation – which adds to the great flavor.

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