Whiskey, Aging In Oak Barrels

Whiskey Barrel History & Basics

Whiskey Barrels Matures Whiskey And WineThe history of whiskey and the process of producing it by means of the whiskey barrel, have been one of America’s favorite pastimes. Through the process of distilling whiskey, much has been learned over the years, such as whiskey barrel distilling. Below we will discuss various aspects whiskey barrel distilling and learn about how using a barrel in the distilling process is the best option for anyone making their own sour mash (or any other brand) whiskey.With attention, love, and education, you will find yourself making better whiskey than any you may purchase in the local store. Not only that, but it will cost a lot less.

Whenever we decide to work with chemicals in a scientific manner,there are many factors involved that it is simply vital to keep in the forefront of our minds for the safety of the distiller. This is the reason there are so many laws governing the act of personal alcohol production. Some of the most important factors in working with these chemicals, factors that determine the quality of the product, have everything to do with the exchange that takes place in the chemical interaction realm. This takes place between the alcohol, or spirit, being distilled, and the oak whiskey barrel used in the distillery process. To be quite frank, these are the 2 most important factors when you desire a smooth, high quality whiskey result. If the chemical make-up of the whiskey barrel is compatible with the spirit being in distilled, you will indeed have a high quality liquor as a result.

There are of course various other factors to produce and find liquor or whiskey. Aging the whiskey properly is about most importance, and whiskey barrel size, precise temperature and humidity, and the link of charring.video content will explain each of the freezer giving you a firmer understanding of how whiskey barrel production is successful, making the use of the whiskey barrel the only option offering the best flavor and color.

Length of the Charring Process

the color of whiskey is achieved by storing it in barrels that are charred.The longer the whiskey is stored in the charred whiskey barrels the Richer the flavor and color of the beverage will be. by slightly searing the interior of oak whiskey barrels, you are in essence preparing to make the best tasting with key around. keep in mind however, is that it is oak whiskey barrels only that will produce the best flavored whiskey. because of this using whiskey barrels made of oak is very common practice.

Length of the Whiskey Barrel Aging Process

Just like fine wine and cheese, older is better, and the whiskey barrel makes it all possible. Allowing the product to mellow for as long as possible in the whiskey barrel will provide excellent flavor, aroma, and color. Let it sit. Patience is the greatest of virtues in this situation. Don’t rush!

Whiskey Barrel Sizes

The basic rule of thumb here is to use a 53 gallon charred new oak whiskey barrels. These are the best for use in the whiskey barrel aging process, as their sole purpose is to better the whiskey. When using this size whiskey barrel it is appropriate to let it be for six to eight years. Hands off, if you want the best tasting whiskey around.
On the other hand, the smaller the whiskey barrel, the faster the process. If you are not trying to supply the neighborhood, using smaller whiskey barrels is always the best way to go. This allows you to enjoy the same quality product without waiting until the end of your life.

Humidity and Ambient Temperature Factors and the Effect on the Whiskey Barrel

It is vital to gain a thorough education regarding the optimal conditions in which aging whiskey in a whiskey barrel and where and how it should be stored. The things like this that one may consider finicky are actually a very important part of producing quality drink. Humidity will effect not only the ample conditions of the whiskey barrel, but may even render the drink worthless. Go online for more information. Otherwise, the product should be kept in oak whiskey barrels in a very warm environment, sans humidity. Also watch the night and day temperatures, and adjust accordingly.

There are virtually endless factors to watch when making your own drink, and by not only following the above advice, but by seeking further education on distilling, you will indeed make the best whiskey in the best whiskey barrel around. One word of advice: keep it to yourself.