Whiskey and Whisky Types

Difference Between Kentucky Tennessee Canadian Whiskey

There are various types of whiskies. If you want to find out more about the various types of whiskey, then continue to read on.

Scotch Whisky
Scotch Whisky is spelled without the ‘e’ and it has a smoky flavor that is distinct, and the flavor is due to the malt drying process. Part of the malting process is done over a peat-fueled fire, and this allows the malt and the smoke to come in contact with one another. Well it is true that the smoke defines Scotch, it is worth mentioning that each region of the country produces distinct flavor characteristics.

When to take a look at labels of Scotch, you will find the either the term ‘single malt’ or ‘blended’ and you will be able to see the age statement.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
This type of whisky is produced by a single distillery. As of now, there are around a 100 distilleries located throughout Scotland, and these distilleries produce this type of whisky. The malted barley is distilled in pot stills, and then Plain British Spirit, which is a 140 proof spirit, is pumped into oak casts. After this happens, it is aged for three years, at the least. As for flavor, single malt Scotch has more than blended Scotch.

Blended Scotch Whisky
This type of whisky is often preferred for Scotch cocktails, and it contains single-malts that have harsher tones, and these single-malts are blended in a cask with grain whiskies, and it sits in the cask for a number of months. However, this happens after each one has been aged separately, and each Scotch house used their own recipe, and Scotch blends are considered to be an art form.

As for the exact blends used, that is not really know, but it is not uncommon for 20-25 whiskies to be used in a blend, and around 20%-50% of it is blended with single malt whiskies.

When many people think of Bourbon, they usually think of Kentucky and a Mint Julep, and this is probably because Bourbon whiskey gets its name from a county by the same name, but there is no Bourbon made in Bourbon County today. However, the it can still be distilled in any state in America.  However, it has to have a mashbill of 51% corn, at least, and the rest has to be comprised of other grain whiskies.

This type of whiskey is known as America’s Native Spirit and it has to be aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels, but in most cases it is aged for 4+ years. Asides from water, no additives can be put in Bourbon.

Rye Whiskey
When it comes to rye whiskey, wheat and barley are usually used to make but, but at least 51% of the grain used has to be rye, as this is what is mandated by US laws. As for how rye whiskey tastes, it tastes kind of like Bourbon, but it does have a bit more spiciness and bitter flavor to it.

American Blended Whiskey
American blended whiskey consists of a number of selected straight whiskies and grain spirits, just like blended Scotch, and this is done to create a spirit that is distinct. This type of whiskey needs to contain at least 20% straight whiskey.

Canadian Whisky
If you are making a cocktail that requires you to use whiskey, then you might consider using a good Canadian whiskey. The reason why you should choose a good Canadian whiskey is because it is very mixable, and it is very versatile, as well as being light-bodied. As for what it is made of, corn or wheat is mainly used to create it, and it is supplemented with barley malt, rye or barley. The whiskey is aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years, but most places will age it for 4-6 years. The ages of various grain whiskies vary too, and that is the case for just about all Canadian whiskey.

Tennessee Sour Mash
This type of whiskey is similar to Bourbon, and the minimum amount of corn it needs to be distilled with is 51% and the maximum is 79%. The filtration process involved with this type of whiskey involves it to slowly drip via sugar maple charcoal (10-feet of it) and this process can take around two weeks, and that is for just one batch.

If you want to try great tasting whiskies, then you should try some of the ones that were previously discussed in this article.

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