What You Need to Know About Infusing Whiskey

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Want to create the best gifts without breaking the bank? Try infusing whiskey. This is very easy, and with this simple hack, you can transform the old and familiar into something exciting that will make a great gift. The good thing about whiskey is that it is an infusion already. Most whiskey types start off as a clear spirit that is then infused using small whiskey barrels. The rich vanilla base that you get with whiskey opens up a whole host of additional items you can use for your infusions.

Here’s what you need to know about infusing whiskey.

What You’ll Need

If you want a truly American infusion, you can use Bourbon. As declared by congress in 1964, Bourbon is the only native spirit in America. This whiskey should be made with a 51% corn mixture that should be aged in charred new oak barrels. Also, the spirit must be stored at a maximum of 125 proof and bottled at a minimum of 80 proof.

For your additions, you can infuse just about anything into whiskey. However, most people use fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. If you want to get creative, you can also use butter, cheese, smoked ham, cooked bacon, and charcuterie. You can utilize small whiskey barrels for the best infusion results.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

While you must not use the cheapest whiskey, there is also no need to go overboard. You have to go for something that will pull the flavor out. Ideally, you must go for the high-quality, everyday whiskey that you would be comfortable drinking by itself.

Choose Fresh, Organic Produce at Its Peak

There are a lot of advantages to using organic produce. For instance, alcohol will be able to absorb all of the good aspects from fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, whatever fruit you choose must be ripe. Some people also recommend using fruit that is just on the verge of going overripe. The moment you add alcohol, the peak ripeness of the fruit will be caught.

To avoid bitter flavors from your fruits and vegetables, you must avoid cutting them up too small or mushing them. If you are using berries, just barely break the skin, and throw everything in small whiskey barrels. Also, if you are working with peaches, cut them into eighths and add them to the mixture. If you have any spices or nuts, just add them whole. After adding everything, agitate the whiskey from time to time. If you just let it sit, it won’t extract all of the flavors that you want.

When you’re trying to decide what gift to get a friend or family member, consider infused whiskey in small whiskey barrels. It tastes amazing, and it is a heartfelt and exciting gift everyone will love! For all of your whiskey barrel needs, look to Red Head Oak Barrels today.

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