What Is Unaged Moonshine And How Is It Different?

Homemade MoonshineKnowledge of the differences in various alcoholic beverages is an advantage to drinkers. Every form of alcohol is processed in a slightly different manner and has its own unique taste. Those who drink regularly or occasionally are typically very specific about their preferences in alcoholic beverages.

Often terminology is used incorrectly, by those with little understanding of the different alcoholic spirits. For example, some people falsely clam that grain alcohol is whiskey that has not been aged. This is like calling small planes jets. We all know that small aircraft encompass a broad range of aircraft. Unaged moonshine is definitely not whiskey.

Whiskey, scotch, gin, and moonshine are all forms of spirits, but few spirits can be considered whiskey. Scotch and bourbon are some examples. All liquor is distilled. However whiskey comes only from the harvesting of various grains. Moonshine is made exclusively from sugar, molasses, and small quantities of corn. The grain makes up about five percent or less of the spirit. Grains make up a larger proportion of the spirits in whiskey drinks.

Sometimes, un-aged Bourbon is compared to moonshine. But aside from the amount and type of grains used, there are other differences. Bourbon is the term used to describe a whiskey beverage aged in oak barrels. It cannot be produced from moonshine. In the South, Moonshine is known as ‘white lightning.” It can be produced more easily and readily, as the grains do not require much in the way of cooking. The process of making ‘white lightning,’ as opposed to ‘white dog,’ which is un-aged Bourbon, is similar, but the ingredient content is quite different.