What Is The Difference Between French And American Oak Barrels For Aging

Wine is much more than a simple beverage that helps wash down a meal or relax conversation during social settings. A single sip of a high-quality wine can tell a story about how it was produced, where it came from, and even how it was aged. The complexity of a wine is often due, at least in part, to the type of barrel that it was allowed to age in. In most cases, manufacturers utilize either American or French oak for the aging process.

Although an individual may be somewhat surprised to find that different types of oak deliver drastically different tastes, that is exactly the case when it comes to oak barrels from different regions of the world. Most wine aficionados will often say that wine aged in American oak has an aroma that is heavier than those aged in the French variety. French oak, on the other hand, often delivers a wine that has more than subtle tones of vanilla.

Of course, there are other things that can affect the taste of the wine beyond the region that the oak barrel is from. Even how the barrel was produced and prepared will play a role in the final product that wine lovers eventually get to enjoy. For example, the wood used in barrel making can be air dried or kiln dried, and the wood can be bent using a wood fire, steam, or even a natural gas fire. All of these variables eventually come together to create a wine that is unique and delicious.

Although there may be no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing between American or French oak, there does seem to be a preference for the American variety thanks to the unique flavors that homegrown oak barrels are so consistently able to deliver. Red Head Oak Barrels are made from the finest American White Oak trees right here in the fine state of Texas.

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