What Is The Best Way to Drink Scotch?


Once the holidays have come and gone, you may have been gifted a bottle of scotch from your family or friends. Scotch is a classic drink and immensely popular. In fact, more than 40 bottles of the prized whiskey are transported from Scotland every second.

Even if your Scotch is aged in aging barrels, you may wonder what the best way to drink it is. This guide will make it easy for you.

Use Your Senses

Scotch gains a lot of flavor in aging barrels, but when you’re drinking it, it helps to have a good sense of smell. With a glass in hand, delicately inhale the flavor of the scotch. This can help you pick up on different flavor notes.

Add a Splash of Water

Some folks will tell you that adding water to scotch is a no-no. Believe it or not, water can actually accentuate the taste of scotch. Water can extract the flavor and help pull out the aroma of the aging barrels. So, if you’re going to drink scotch, consider adding a splash of water.

Be Careful With Ice

In many restaurants, if you order scotch it usually comes with ice or is served on the rocks. If you’re new to scotch, consider drinking it straight or with just a touch of water. Drinking it on the rocks can mute the flavor of the liquor, even if you prefer cold drinks.

Pay Attention to Age

If you’re not a scotch expert, you may not know that scotch mellows and becomes finer over time. The older a scotch is, the more expensive it usually is.

Start Small

If you’re a newcomer to scotch, it’s better if the person who gifted you the scotch gives you an unheated or moderately peated scotch. Some flavors and fragrances can be very intense, and you don’t want to be turned off by scotch by starting off with something too intense.

Having some beginners’ tips can help give you a proper introduction and even an appreciation of scotch. It can be a good drink for special occasions and social gatherings. So take things slow and take time to savor the flavor and scents. Over time, you may just find yourself wanting to try different flavors of scotch or different aged scotches. To get your own aging barrels for scotch, contact us today.


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