What is Rum Made From?

How is Rum MadeRum is an alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane or its byproducts such as the sugarcane juice or molasses. Rum is distilled and then aged in oak barrels. The majority of rum is made from molasses. Water and yeast are then added for the fermentation to start. The methods used to produce, distill, and age rum vary widely depending on where the rum is produced. Some countries age their rum in stainless steel tanks which produces a clear or colorless rum and others complete their aging process in wooden barrels which generally produces the darker rums.

To try your hand at aging your own rum, check out our oak barrel store. We offer a variety of oak barrels specifically designed for aging rum and other spirits. You can find recipes for making your own rum at home, a process that generally takes four to eight days, and then store and age your rum in a specialty designed oak barrel from Red Head Oak Barrels. This is an interesting way to taste the rum at different points throughout the aging process and see which one you like best. A fresh white barrel from Red Head’s will give rum the most flavor and will age it more quickly.

What is Rum Made From?

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