What Bourbons Make The Best Cocktails?

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Drinking bourbon is highly subjective, and there is no shortage of choices. The Kentucky Distillers Association (KDA), a non-profit trade organization founded in 1880, now represents 40 member companies since Prohibition, strengthening Kentucky’s rightful place as the only authentic home for Bourbon. Crafted by law to contain 51% corn, let us explore some of America’s ideal bourbons for cocktails.

Elijah Craig Bourbon (Small Batch)

Made by Heaven Hills Distillery in Kentucky, this bourbon can be crafted in small barrels. It comes in at 94 proofs. It flatters well in most cocktails, including Manhattans, Old Fashions, and a bold Sweet and Sour.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

What makes a bourbon blend well for a cocktail? Its price, smoothness, and how well the bourbon pairs with typical cocktail ingredients are all factors. While various whiskey brands may taste better in specific cocktails, Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky is a decent all-around bourbon. It’s smooth and mixes nicely with other ingredients.

Woodford Reserve

It is said to be the best bourbon to use to make a Manhattan drink. Woodford Reserve bourbon has a spicy kick that melds ideally with the sweet vermouth and cocktail bitters for the ultimate Manhattan drink.

Old Forester Bourbon 100

The taste of Old Forester Bourbon 100 has hints of dried fruits and cherries. Old Forester Bourbon 100 works wonders with smashing cocktails like Legends of the Fall and Morning ’49. They both use 100 proof Old Forester bourbon.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

At 94% proof, this bourbon whiskey made in small barrels has a lovely silky smooth taste with a hint of oak. Its flavor works well in making bourbon cocktails of any kind. Some were even invented to work just around the Hudson Baby Bourbon’s flavorful taste.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

When it’s cold out, what could be better than a Hot Toddy? Buffalo Trace Bourbon has a hint of caramel and spice taste that blends effortlessly with the lemon, honey, and sugar to make a sweet smooth Hot Toddy that you know and love.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your selective tastes. Distillers and small barrels brewers go to significant lengths to create tasty and enjoyable bourbons that will attract any bourbon lover’s taste. To learn more about getting your own small barrels to make bourbon or whiskey, contact Red Head Oak Barrels today.

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