What Are the Most Expensive Whiskeys In the World?

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Whiskey is an alcohol made from a fermented grain mash. The grains include wheat, rye, corn, and barley. Whiskey is expensive because of its taste, quality, and the cask, or wood barrels, that contain it. The world record was set in 2019 for the most expensive whiskey cask sold at auction. A 30-year-old Macallan cask sold for $572,000.

Here are some of the most expensive whiskeys in the world.

Isabella’s Inlay

A bottle of Isabella’s Inlay sells for $6.2 million. In addition to being one of the finest and most luxurious scotch whiskeys available, this whiskey is sold in a decanter of white gold with diamonds and rubies.

Emerald Isle Collection

This whiskey was sold in February 2021 in a seven-piece set. The set includes a 30-year old whiskey, a gold emerald Faberge egg, a gold watch, and a cigar with a gold plated cutter. The Bradley family sourced the oldest and rarest triple distilled whiskey from the oldest distillery in Ireland. It is placed in Pedro Ximenez wood barrels.

The Macallan

There are two versions of The Macallan from the same wood barrels, cask 263. The Macallan 1926 is a 60-year-old bottle that was sold in 2019 for $1.9 million. It was distilled in 1926 and sold with the original cask. This was one of the first bottles that had a hand-painted design by Michael Dillion, an Irish artist. This bottle is part of the Fire and Rare collection and is called the holy grail of whiskey. Another version is the Macallan Michael Dillion 1926, which was released in 1999 and sold in November 2018 for $1.53 million. The hand-painted illustration shows the Easter Elchies House. The artwork makes this bottle one of a kind.

The Macallan Peter Blake 1926 was placed in wood barrels seasoned by sherry. After being bottled in 1926, they were aged for 60 years until 1986. 40 bottles were made, and 26 of them have artistic labels drawn and designed by famous artists.

Not only is The Macallan one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world, but it is also one of the best. They use the choicest casks throughout the aging process, beloved labor profile, and unique characteristics. As a result, if you love whiskey, be sure to give The Macallan a try.

If you’re a whiskey lover, these expensive whiskeys may be of interest to you. If you’re fascinated and would like to make your own whiskey using wood barrels, contact Red Head Oak Barrels today.

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