Oak Barrels Aging Tequila Makes A Difference

Oak Barrels Aging Tequila1
Using Oak Barrels When Aging Tequila Makes A Difference

Using Oak Barrels When Aging Tequila Makes A Difference

The word, Reposado, when properly translated means restful. Is there such a thing as restful tequila? Some of the parties I attended where I consumed tequila were called a lot of things, but restful was not one of them. With tequila reposado, the only thing restful is the process of aging that tequila must go through to be made ready; Oak barrels for aging tequila is only practiced by the premium manufacturers.

Most of the regular generic tequila that is consumed during Cinco de mayo or the alcohol that is used in spring break shot glasses in Cancun is usually a non-aged tequila. The manufacturers of such drink distill and bottle it for purchase immediately. Chances are good that it is not even made from pure 100% Agave. Tequila that has the word ‘Gold’ included in the name has been made with equal portions of cane sugar and Agave. It is widely known that the cane sugar is the major contributor in headaches and hangovers associated with the drink.

The next time you decide to purchase tequila, be certain that it is made with 100% Agave. 1800 Silver makes a good mix for the price and quality of drink. When you decide to take a step up, however, you will be ready to try Reposado tequila.

Reposado tequila’s secret is in the aging process. It is usually aged for at least 2 months within a wooden barrel, though some makers of tequila will use large storage tanks. Oak barrels used for aging tequila gives it a wisp of oak, which blends with the agave to create a smooth tequila. Some of the more exclusive brands of tequila actually store the beverage in old used whiskey barrels, which introduces additional flavors to the drink.

Try some of the following Reposado tequilas:

  • Patron Reposado
  • 1800 Tequila Reserva Reposado
  • Herradura Reposado
  • Cabo Wabo Reposado
  • Don Julio tequila Reposado

Try this delicious oak barrel aged tequila recipe with vanilla bean and coffee beans.

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