Used Oak Barrels Full Of Liquor

Jack Daniels Oak BarrelsA properly stocked wine cellar or bar may satisfy you and your guests, but having an oak liquor barrel of a favorite liquor can be an exceptional way to enjoy a great product. Many distilleries and wineries sell by the barrel, and you may get to select the contents. Your next party can get off to a good start as you offer tequila, wine, or whiskey from your personally composed oak liquor barrel, and the following information explains the process.

The Jack Daniels distillery lets you purchase by the barrel. An oak liquor barrel of this brand will cost approximately ten thousand dollars, which equates to forty or fifty dollars a bottle. There is no selling at a fixed price because the evaporation level varies as the product ages.

The Lynchburg, Tennessee area is home to an ideal resource for acquiring an oak liquor barrel of great spirits. Jeff Arnett is a reputable master distiller, and he can assist you with barrel and content selection. Your decanters will display the unique barrel number, and the oak liquor barrel will be yours to keep as a showpiece.

A successful purchase of an oak liquor barrel of bourbon requires licensed retail assistance as well, and Jim Rutledge of the Four Roses distillery is another master distiller who can help you select a great product for your oak liquor barrel stock. Four Roses will send samples if you are unable to travel to Kentucky.

Your selected barrel will have your signature if you select it by traveling to the distillery, and the bourbon will be shipped to you afterwards. The labels will demonstrate that the bourbon was selected and bottled by hand, and you will get the oak liquor barrel from Four Roses to be used however you choose.

You can select tequila by the oak liquor barrel from the Tequila Herradura distillery. Prospective oak liquor barrel owners are encouraged to visit their location in Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. This is near Guadalajara, and you will get to select genuine aged blue agave Mexican tequila that has been aged for a full year.

Your Tequila Herradura oak liquor barrel will be branded, varnished, and shipped along with an ownership certificate. You should expect to pay approximately ten thousand dollars for 240 bottles, and that equates to a little more than forty dollars per bottle.

Wine by the barrel is available at the Brooklyn Winery. You can experience their oak liquor barrel process from grape crushing to bottling, or you can select your blend and let their winemaker Conor McCormack handle the rest.

Wine-making classes offer an interactive experience, and participants get to press grapes, customize labels, and attend a barrel sampling. You can follow the progress of your oak liquor barrel wine selection, and at twenty dollars per bottle for nearly three hundred bottles, each glass will taste like sweet, smart success.

Of course it’s so much easier than this. You can just purchase a couple bottles at your local liquor store and pour it in to one of our oak barrels.  Now you have a personal size barrel of your favorite liquor and it’s a lot cheaper than a 53 gallon full size barrel too.