Unique Wedding Gift Ideas To Help Them Remember The Big Day

unique perfect wedding giftPurchase a wedding liquor flavoring kit package for yourself, friends or family.

When it comes to getting wedding presents, very few people come up with unique wedding gift ideas. Instead, they give dishes, gift certificates or small household appliances. These can be pretty boring. If you really want a fun gift idea, try giving the happy couple something to celebrate with, their own charred oak barrel.

A charred oak barrel is used to age a variety of alcohols and it is the perfect gift for just about anyone. The novelty of creating their own aged alcohol will definitely trump any other gift they receive on their wedding day, making this one of the better unique wedding gift ideas out there.

Why an Oak Barrel is the Best Gift

While it’s nice to get things for use in the new home that a married couple will be living in, there is nothing as special as something tailored to their tastes. Even better, this will be a gift that they can use together to create something special and unique. It is certainly one of the more unique wedding gift ideas available.

Since the barrels come in a range of sizes, you can easily choose the one that best suits your budget and the newlyweds’ taste in alcohol. It can take a while to age alcohol, so you will need to consider this. One liter may not be enough when it comes to waiting weeks or even months to savor the whiskey.

wedding gift custom oak barrelsHow an Aging Barrel is Used

You might want to go together with someone else on this gift. You provide the barrel and everything required to age the alcohol and another guest provides the alcohol. You can age anything in the barrel, from scotch and brandy to whiskey and rum.

The alcohol must be put into the barrel, of course. There is also an essence included in the liquor making kit to give the mixture the perfect flavor. The newlyweds can enjoy taste testing their brew every week or so until it has reached the perfect flavor for their taste buds. Or even the best idea would be to join them on their 1 year anniversary to open the barrel and toast the happy couple.

The aging barrel is simple to use, making this one of the best unique wedding gift ideas around. All that is required is periodic rotation .

If you are looking for unique wedding gift ideas, you really don’t have to look any further than an aging barrel. The charred oak imparts a special, high end flavor into the alcohol and the fact that the couple can blend it themselves and even choose their own alcohol means it is a wonderful gift idea.