Unique Baby Gift Celebrated With An Oak Barrel Toast

Unique Baby GiftThe birth of a child always brings with it an incredible warmth, that is felt not just by the immediate family, but also friends and associates, who take great pleasure in sharing in the joy and excitement of the new arrival.

This is usually demonstrated by the giving of a thoughtful present, which will always be gratefully received, but we believe we have something a little out of the ordinary that can be adapted to become a unique new baby gift.

It might not be something that would spring to mind straightaway, but an oak aging barrel would be an exceptional choice for that unique new baby gift. Of course a plain barrel would not have any great significance, but by engraving the baby’s name and date of birth, together with perhaps a short personal message of congratulations, then that barrel becomes an amazing memento of a wonderful occasion.

The barrel could then have added to it a favorite tipple, whether that be whiskey, bourbon, tequila, rum, brandy, wine, or pretty much any alcoholic beverage, with the idea being that when the child turns 21, then this unique new baby gift becomes the center of attention for a celebration with family and friends.

It would certainly show that some real thought has gone into the present and would make a change from the sort of things people usually give, such as: items of jewelery, money boxes, picture frames, snow globes and  keepsake boxes.

These are all pleasant, but receiving a unique new baby gift in the form of an engraved oak aging barrel, would add a clever touch of variation. The fact that these handcrafted barrels are specifically designed for aging, means that they are ideal for the time line is mind. Indeed, once the twenty one years have elapsed, the taste of the contents will be honed near to perfection.

There are 6 different sized oak aging barrels to choose from, ranging from 1 liter up to 20 liters. Therefore, a little long term thought will be needed regarding the numbers likely to be in attendance at the future gathering, before making the final selection for the dimensions of your unique new baby gift. Smaller barrels do age quicker, but with this unique new baby gift having a specific deadline many years further down the line, the size in that regard, is largely irrelevant.

A thoroughly professional job is guaranteed from an expert Cooper, who will create a quality product to the specifications required. The oak aging barrel is a fabulous idea for relatives, friends, or colleagues of the proud parents, to bestow upon them as a unique new baby gift. It will show a genuine touch of imagination and is sure to be the stand out present of the special event.

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