Understanding The Best Way To Drink Scotch

scotch aging in oak barrelWe are not going to preach to you about the best way to drink scotch. However, we will offer some ideas about making the most of your scotch. There’s no correct way to consume whisky. The best way to drink scotch differs from one person to another.  Whisky drinking is a highly personal activity, and people should approach it however they see fit.

engraved brandy cognac snifterSnifter Glasses

Choosing the right glass for your Whisky is crucial. Usually, whisky tumblers are regarded as conventional whisky glasses. Tumblers are OK, if you opt to drink malts that you are familiar with, or if you mix whiskey into long drinks. Nonetheless, when sampling whisky initially, tumblers are not the best way to drink scotch. Instead, tulip shaped glasses are the perfect glasses to use. These glasses allow you to swirl the whisky around, without splashing it. Furthermore, tulip shaped glasses trap the aroma of the whiskey inside the glass neck.

Macallan Water Jugs

It is matter of personal preference whether to include water in your whisky. Most people who consume neat whisky claim that water spoils the flavour of the drink. Notwithstanding, plenty of other whisky aficionados believe that including a dash of water (particularly soft spring water) enhances the flavour, and brings out the spirit’s concealed attributes. Interestingly, tap water often contains high chlorine levels, which ruin the flavour of whisky. Obviously, if this applies to the tap water in your area, you should drink your whiskey neat.

Genuine whiskey lovers consume their favourite drink like the professionals, with some clear water. Including some water in your whisky, prior to drinking, stops the whiskey strength from dampening your senses and spoiling your experience of the spirit. Conventional wisdom states that diluting whisky with one fifth water is the best way to drink scotch. Everyone has different tastes, so it is sensible to add a small amount of water gradually, to find out what you like. Despite this, there is little doubt  that some types of whiskey are best consumed without any additional water included.

People who like drinking whisky with a bit of water, will enjoy the excellent range of Old and New whisky water jugs offered by The Whisky Exchange.

whiskey stone and pouchIncluding ice

Putting ice in your preferred single malt whisky is not the best way to drink scotch. Doing this will lower the whiskey’s temperature too much, which freezes the aroma and dulls the whiskey’s taste. Lots of people still do this though. If you currently add ice to your spirits, try sampling them without doing this. Rest assured, once you have eliminated the ice, you will be convinced that this is the best way to drink scotch. Try using one of our whiskey stones instead. It will lower the temperature just enough to open up the flavors and really get the optimum taste from your scotch.

Including Mixers

It has become fashionable to include mixers in single malt whiskeys. However, this is certainly not the best way to drink scotch. Anyone who does this should ask themselves why they bother to drink whisky in the first place. Mixers like ginger ale, soda, cola and lemonade do nothing, apart from mask the real flavour of the whisky.

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