Top 7 Must-Haves For The Ultimate Man Cave

ultimate man cave

Do you need a place in the home where you can escape? Then it’s time for you to start planning the ultimate man cave.

A man cave is much more than just a Hollywood stereotype. No matter what type of guy you are or what you’re into, you can enjoy having a space of your own, full of the things you love. It doesn’t have to be all beer and football (but it can be if you want)!

In this guide, we’ll give you some suggestions for building the ultimate man cave. Keep reading to get inspired for your ultimate man cave!

1. Recliner

No matter what your style is – from sports-bar-themed to classy man cave – you’ve got to have a recliner. What’s a cave without somewhere comfortable to sit?

The best recliner will keep you comfortable for hours on end. Ideally, it would even work for an afternoon nap. It should be made out of the best material for your place.

Leather’s great, but keep in mind that it can get sticky on a hot afternoon. Sometimes a fabric recliner is actually the best move.

A recliner is one of the most universal items a man cave can have. Not all guys are into sports and television. However, a recliner is great for everything you are into – reading, sipping whiskey, you name it.

You can also use your man cave for more than just relaxation. Need to send some important emails or call your clients? A recliner makes it all more bearable.

And if you accidentally fall asleep, you’re much less likely to wake up stiff if you invest in a comfy recliner.

2. Extra Seating

The recliner might be the main feature, but you’ll need a place for friends or your spouse to sit if you invite them into the man cave.

Make sure to have some comfortable seating for a few more people, like a couch. Or step things up a bit and get multiple recliners!

3. Television

The television is a little less universal than the recliner. If you’re going for a low-tech man cave, you might skip it all together. However, lots of guys find that a sleek television is perfect for those times when you just want to zone out.

You don’t need the biggest flat screen money can buy to enjoy a television in your man cave. You don’t even need cable – for a lot of guys, Netflix will do.

Even if you intend to spend most of your time reading or working, a TV gives you the option of relaxing with a favorite show when you need to unwind.

4. Fridge and Bar

Here’s another true universal. We all eat, and we all like to drink something (probably, though not necessarily, alcoholic). A fully-equipped man cave won’t be complete without a fridge and bar.

A mini-fridge will usually do for the snacks and essentials you want to have on hand. However, if you have space, you might enjoy having a full-sized fridge that can be fully stocked.

One of the main reasons you design a man cave is so everything you need and want is in one space. In addition to food, make sure to keep a bar stocked with your favorite beverages. Whether it’s beer, whiskey, wine, or something else, having a selection on hand will make the space feel classy.

To take it up a notch, install a full bar with a wide liquor selection and mixing equipment. Learn a few drink recipes so you can impress your friends or family when you invite them in!

5. Games

A pool table is the traditional man cave staple. If you have space and enjoy pool, this is definitely an option we’d recommend. However, don’t feel limited by tradition.

If billiards isn’t really your style, or you’re working with space constraints, there are plenty of other options to choose from. A dart board is still classic but takes much less room. If you’re more of a techie guy, you might enjoy an elaborate video game setup instead.

Some guys prefer poker or even board games. These don’t take much space at all, but you’ll need to have a table to play them on. No matter what it is, you’ll enjoy the space more with a few games and activities for groups to play when you host.

6. Personal Style

There’s no need to design a generic man cave when you can fill it with personal touches. You’ll appreciate the space that much more if you truly make it yours. This will also make it more memorable for all your visitors.

You can do anything you want here. Paint it your favorite color; hang old college photos on the wall. Whether it’s tacky or fancy, make it your own!

This is also a great place to feature some of your achievements. You might feel corny displaying awards and trophies throughout the house. But in your man cave, it’s all about celebrating you, so go ahead and feature your favorite accomplishments.

7. Memorabilia

We’re all a fan of something. Maybe you’re crazy about sports. Maybe you’re crazy about Star Wars.

The collectibles and memorabilia you’ve stocked up on might not make sense with the decor in your home. However, a man cave is a great place to feature your fandom. From action figures to autographs, you can display it all here.

Ready to Create the Ultimate Man Cave?

What a man cave really thrives on is personality. There is no one true “ultimate man cave.” The coolest man caves are the ones that have style and personality, no matter what’s in them.

If you have personality, entertainment, provisions, and comfortable seating in your space, then you’ve done well. A great man cave is never finished, so keep updating it as your life changes!

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