The Ultimate Guide To Scotch Shopping

The Ultimate Guide To Scotch ShoppingShopping for scotch can be confusing for someone who is doing it for the first time. There are many brands and kinds to choose from the shelf. You will see various malting, peculiar names, different swaths of years, limited editions, not to mention labels coming from foreign countries and regions. Another thing about scotch is that it is very expensive. You may even meet people who would regard you classless for not knowing how to say Auchentoshan or Bunnahabhain.

Perhaps, this is the reason why majority of drinkers stick to their all-time favorite vodka or the familiar name of Red Bull. Scotch makes people feel like they must have a college degree in order to shop for a bottle which we believe is wrong. Drinking a glass of scotch is a great experience, exciting and adventurous, and a journey to new discoveries. Snobs and some marketers give the impression that scotch is only for the rich and famous which can be very intimidating to newbie drinkers. We have known this firsthand when we hosted an event recently. Regular guys are looking for some help to get started with scotch. So this article is a basic guide for those who are wanting to shop for scotch. We have the information you need to make smart scotch purchasing decisions.

Do you appreciate the taste of beer?
“Yes, I do!”
Great! You will definitely love scotch, too! It is basically beer in distilled form.

“No, I like wine better.”
Cool! However, scotch may not be for you. We recommend brandy for you which has a closer taste to wine.

Do you often complain that you can’t taste the alcohol in your drink?
Blended scotch is the perfect choice for people like you. The taste of this liquor is smoother which makes it more approachable. You can buy a bottle with a price tag between $20-$45.

You say, you want a real drink, something with a “kick.”
Great! You will also love blended scotch. Just keep your glass simple by adding 2 ice cubes. Buy a bottle with a BLENDED label on it. The price range is from $30 to $55.
If your answer is, “Do you think I’m a wimp?”

Lowlands single malt is for drinkers who are looking for a lighter taste. Younger age group of scotch drinkers should opt for this label.

Highland single malt, on the other hand, is for the adventurous type of person. You must be fearless to drink this kind of label. The price range is expensive at $40-$90.

Everything explained, shopping for scotch should not intimidate you. It is as easy as shopping for a beautiful pair of shoes. It may take a while to finally find the right label for your selective taste. Remember that scotch is for everyone regardless of how heavy or how light you drink.

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