The Glenfiddich 50 Year Old Scotch Review

Glenfiddich 50 Year Old ScotchGlenfidich scotch is the leading malt scotch whisky in the whole world and ranked second in the United States. The most renowned margue under it is the Glenfidich 50. It is a 50-year-old Glenfidich scotch that is only produced every 100,000 casks of glenfidich. Recently, the last bottle of Glenfidich scotch was auctioned in the United States. It was bought for a glistening price of $38,000. The scotch is basically more expensive than an ounce of gold! Today, there are only three Glenfidich scotch 50 bottles left in the most extravagant hotels in the United States. One is in Miami, another is in New York and the last bottle is in Los Angles. If you wish to try the distinct aged taste of the glenfidich scotch, feel free to visit these said places.

The Nose of Glenfidich Scotch
The Glenfidich scotch 50 has a rich fruity smell and has an amber tone. You can directly smell the spirit of pears and peaches on the bottle’s nose. Event if the scotch has been fermented for 50 years, it still comes out delicate and vibrant. It is not syrupy and overly oaked. If you continue to indulge in the fruity scent of the scotch, you can also smell the spirit of rose petals, herbs and cinnamon sticks. As you open the bottle, you will be greeted by the smoke-which is caused by rapid oxidation.

The Glenfidich scotch is actually made from combining the two distilled whisky casks from the 1950s with a1955 (the whisky that is aged in a second fill European oak cask) and a 1957 (the whisky that is aged in a second fill American oak cask) whisky filled casks.

The Body and Palate of Glenfidich Scotch
The Glenfidich scotch 50 has a full body, beautiful legs and leaves a perfect mark at the side of the glass. It is indeed a one of a kind scotch that is worth everyone’s attention.
When it comes to the taste, the glenfidich scotch is filled with genuine flavors that keep you hunting for a puzzle solution. You can taste exotic fruit spirits such as pineapple, apricot and passion fruit that is combined with a pinch of saddle soap, aged Gouda, campfire embers, toffee, pipe tobacco, orange marmalade and vintage leather. The mouth bursting experience ends up with a spark from herbal spirits that seems like cleansing the palate before the arrival of another mind-boggling shot.

The Finale of Glenfidich Scotch
The Glenfidich scotch 50 finishes with a long fruity flavour that is very pleasant to the taste buds. The scotch seems to cover the mouth dry and then suddenly release a new set of moisture that is anticipating the entrance of a new set of flavors. As the solution dries the mouth up, a wild mix of flavor happens inside it that resembles the flavors of dried apple, violet petals, tea spice, English lavender, pine needles and Malabar cinnamon.

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