The Difference Of Irish And Scotch Whiskey

irish whiskeyA whiskey drinker will know the difference between Scotch and Irish whiskey. People will say that the difference lies in the distilling process. Since irish whisky is distilled three times which gives it a lighter flavor and scotch whiskey only goes through the process twice. There is another argument that Scotch whiskey has a more smokey flavor than the Irish variety. These two arguments work for the majority of whiskeys, but there are those that do break the mold.

There are only four working Irish distilleries left in production and only three of those make and sell irish whiskey. Since there is such a small number of distilleries this can explain why there is so much more Scotch brands compared to the Irish varieties. The Irish varieties are different since they contain a “pure pot still that is only unique to Ireland. It has a distinct flavor and smooth taste.