The Best Bourbon Whiskey

best bourbon whiskeyBourbon is a type of whiskey that is a brown liquor and is strong yet sweet; and makes the patron feel better just by having a drink. The best bourbon whiskey is and has always been known as an American whiskey that helps its drinkers relate to the early pioneer days and to the forefathers of the United States. The flavors of the best bourbon whiskey include vanilla, brown sugar, an caramel.

The best bourbon whiskey can be used for several other purposes than simply drinking. It can also be used as mouthwash, an anesthetic, and as a cough suppressant. The best bourbon whiskey can be used as mouthwash because the ethanol in the whiskey kills any bacteria that may live in an individual’s mouth by dissolving the elements present in the bacteria. The best bourbon whiskey can be used as an anesthetic because it causes the neurological signals the brain sends to the body to be interrupted, which results in a slowing down of the nervous system. However, it is important to note that this process can cause tissue damage because the body is unable to fight off the whiskey breaking down important cells. For this reason, it is crucial not to pour whiskey on any open wounds. Lastly, the best bourbon whiskey can be used as a cough suppressant because of the vapors that come off the whiskey. These vapors work to break down mucus in the throat or chest.

The best bourbon whiskey that is made in the United States is often all-grain and has typically been produced from mixing all of the following ingredients: corn, wheat, rye, barley, and various other grains. This mixture is then placed into wooden oak barrels and is left alone to age for a specified amount of time. Depending on what type of whiskey is being crafted, the type of barrel may differ. For example, the barrel may be old and used or new; or it might be charred or uncharred on the inside. Each type of barrel gives the best bourbon whiskey being crafted a unique and delicious flavor that helps to characterize that specific brand.

All of the best bourbon whiskey in the United States is required by the government to meet the following standards: 1) it must be made from a grain mash; 2) the whiskey must be distilled at no more than 90% ABV; 3) the whiskey should be reduced down to no more than 125 proof before it is allowed to be aged in oak barrels; 4) it must have the smell, taste, and characteristics that are attributed to whiskey; and 5) the best bourbon whiskey must be bottled with at least 40% ABV, otherwise known as 80 proof.

The best bourbon whiskey is made mostly from corn, along with the addition of a few other grains. The name bourbon comes from its area of origination, which was known as Old Bourbon. This area is now called Bourbon County and is located in Kentucky. This area was named after the historic French House of Bourbon royal family. The best bourbon whiskey has been in production since the eighteenth century. Although production of this product can be made in any location throughout the United States, it is most typically associated with the southern states and most known for being produced in Kentucky.

The best bourbon whiskey is usually served neat, is often diluted with some amount of water, can be poured over ice cubes or stones, can be mixed with soda, or can be mixed with various cocktails. Some examples of cocktails best bourbon whiskey can be mixed with include the old fashioned, a Manhattan, the mint julep, and a whiskey sour.

The best bourbon whiskey usually ages for at least two years, although there are no set requirements or restrictions on how long the dark beverage has to actually age. The best bourbon whiskey could only be aged for as little amount of time as a few months before it is bottled, labeled, and sold as bourbon.

There are three main types of the best bourbon whiskey. These are: straight whiskey, blended, and Tennessee whiskey. In order to be classified as straight bourbon, it must have been aged for no more than four years. There should be no addition of any flavoring, coloring, or other alcoholic beverages to this best bourbon whiskey. It must also be labeled with how long it was aged before being bottled. To be classified as blended, the best bourbon whiskey must contain some type of added flavoring, coloring, or other types of alcoholic beverages. Although this type is a mixture of various ingredients, it is important that at least 51% of the finished product be straight bourbon. Last, Tennessee whiskey is not considered to be bourbon by many of its producers; but according to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), it is a straight bourbon and is required to only be produced in the state of Tennessee.

The best bourbon whiskey was officially recognized by the United States Congress as a product distinctive to the United States in 1964. This was a huge win for bourbon producers; and it allowed the best bourbon whiskey to start being produced at any location where it was deemed legal to distill alcoholic beverages. Although it is possible for the best bourbon whiskey to be produced anywhere in the United States, it is most often produced in Kentucky. About 95% of the nation’s bourbon is produced in Kentucky. This is because the production of bourbon has very strong historical ties to Kentucky. Also, the location provides iron free water that is used in the production process. This water has typically been filtered through the very high amounts of limestone that are present in the area. This limestone filtered water is unique to the Kentucky area; and it provides local producers with a sense of pride because they believe the water is crucial to their production processes.

Since Kentucky is home to most of the best bourbon whiskey in the United States, it is only fitting that this state would host the annual Bourbon Festival. Bardstown, Kentucky has been named the “Bourbon capital of the world” by the city’s tourism department; and that is where the festival is hosted each year. If an individual were to go to this festival, he or she would able to not only visit some of the most popular and well known distilleries in the state; but would also be able to taste some of the best bourbon whiskey ever made. Some of the distilleries included in this festival are Four Roses, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, and Heaven Hill. These names are some of the most well known in the bourbon industry and will not disappoint when providing patrons glasses of the best bourbon whiskey.

Along with Kentucky, Tennessee is also a major best bourbon whiskey producer. Most producers in Tennessee do not call their finished product bourbon, however, even though under NAFTA, it is considered to be bourbon. Jack Daniel’s brand of best bourbon whiskey is an excellent example of a producer that does not refer to its finished product as bourbon even though it is considered that way.

There are several types and brands of best bourbon whiskey that are well known and most favored. These include: Parker’s heritage collection, Blanton’s original, Wild Turkey, Pappy Van Winkle’s, Four Roses, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, Maker’s, and Black Maple Hill. Each of these brands are known all throughout the United States for having some of the best quality best bourbon whiskey in the nation. Each brand provides a different and unique drinking experience, with each company employing a different crafting, aging, and bottling technique. This results in a wide range of flavors and combinations which allow the consumer to experiment in order to determine which brand they enjoy the most.

The barrels in which the best bourbon whiskey is left to age in play a considerable role how the bourbon will taste once it is bottled. New barrels are most often used for straight bourbon. This process also requires the barrel to be charred, which means burnt on the inside. By doing this, the sap from the oak in the barrel finds its way inside and the bourbon, as it ages, picks up this wonderful flavor. This results in the amber color that most best bourbon whiskey contains, as well as the caramel and sweet flavor that goes hand in hand with straight bourbon.

Heat is responsible for pulling the bourbon in and out of the wood contained in the aging barrels. Without heat, the aging process could not occur and the best bourbon whiskey would be nothing more than the beginning product.

Kentucky is often the victim of drastic temperature swings, which result in the perfect aging process for the best bourbon whiskey. In this area, temperatures can drastically change from very hot to cool quickly, the aging process is sped up from what it would normally be in another state or location. This also results in some of the best quality bourbon possible because the heat allows the flavor from the oak or various other types of wood found in the aging barrels to soak into the bourbon and create that amber color along with the sweet caramel taste. The more the bourbon is able to soak up that flavor, the better the bourbon will be; and because of the drastic temperature changes found in Kentucky, it is possible to create some of the finest tasting bourbon in the nation.

The crafting of the best bourbon whiskey is a practice that has been around in the United States for a very long time. Not only has the process become much better and more efficient with time, the end product that results has also drastically improved. Kentucky is often the most widely recognized bourbon producer because of the distillation process it is so proud of. This process results in some of the purest and finest quality best bourbon whiskey that is available in the country at the present time.

The best bourbon whiskey can be found at any location near you that is legally authorized to sell alcohol. If you are unsure whether or not you would enjoy this type of beverage, give it the benefit of the doubt and grab a bottle. You will not be disappointed!

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