The Best Bourbon Cocktails For Winter Time

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Bourbon is one of the most universally beloved drinks in the world, particularly in the United States. It’s no wonder that 32.25% of 18 to 29-year-old respondents to a 2018 survey indicated that they’d had whiskey, Scotch, or Bourbon in the past three months. Of course, there are varying levels of quality in terms of Bourbon, with some brands taking more care during the creation process than others. Bourbon that has been aged in an oak cask may have a very distinctive flavor. But no matter how the Bourbon has been created or aged, most Bourbons can be used to make fantastic cocktails. Let’s look into some of the best Bourbon cocktails to try as the weather cools down.

1. The Ancient Old Fashioned

What sets an Ancient Old Fashioned apart from the classic drink that we already know and love? In this case, the drink is infused with sesame oil, with the oil later being removed to preserve the Bourbon’s texture. How is this done? The Bourbon is simply frozen after the infusion process, with the fat of the sesame oil rising to the top. The Bourbon, ideally aged in an oak cask, can then be mixed with mole bitters, Benedictine, and Cognac, and garnished with a chili.

2. The Smoke, Spice, and Everything Nice

This smoky drink is perfect for the winter chill. Bourbon, aged in an oak cask, is combined with mezcal, as well as strawberry syrup and bitters. This results in a drink that is both smoky and fruity, creating something truly unique.

3. The Grownup Thin Mint

Once you’re done with your Girl Scout cookies, you can turn to this wintry drink. Vandermint Liqueur is combined with Fernet Branca Menta, which creates a flavor that resembles mint chocolate. It can then be topped off with a dollop of whipped cream, which adds to the dessert feeling of the drink.

4. The Bourbon Apple Cider Sour

We often drink warm apple cider to keep ourselves from getting too chilly during the fall and winter. This drink combines apple cider with Bourbon, cinnamon, and lemon. The ingredients should be mixed in a shaker with one egg white, without ice. Then, ice should be added, and shaking should be repeated. Afterward, it should be garnished with apple slices coated in cinnamon.

We challenge you to try your hand at these cocktails! To learn more about purchasing an oak cask for your whiskey and Bourbon-making needs, contact Red Head Barrels today!

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