Experience The Delight Of IXA Silver Tequila

IXA TequilaAs part of my blogging, I occasionally follow those that create spirits. In the world of liquor, spirits are alcoholic beverages that contain a high amount of ethanol. As a result, they pack a powerful punch for anyone wanting a more salacious drink. Of course, some spirits are already the best. Consider tequila. In comparison to other alcoholic beverages, tequila has a cleaner, fresher taste. White tequila is especially interesting. This is the category that IXA Silver Tequila falls into.

One of the reasons why IXA Silver Tequila is so enticing is because organic tequila is relatively rare. This is especially the case for certified brands. Why this difficulty exists is beyond me, but fortunately the problem has been solved with IXA. It will always be my favorite tequila.

Now despite being new, IXA Silver Tequila is the ultimate rival against its competitors. Unlike most tequilas, IXA does not burn the palate. It also tantalizes the tongue with a rich, buttery taste. With that said, IXA Silver Tequila can be used as a sipper or a mixer. As a mixer, it is recommended that the spirit be placed into a traditional cocktail. It does not matter if the cocktail is fruity or more savory. What matters is the amount of flavors the bartender puts into the drink. Cocktails that already have an overwhelming flavor will be enhanced by IXA’s wondrous finish.

Following the ideas set forth by the GreenBar Collective, IXA Silver Tequila allows green consumers a chance to cheer. Like most environmentally friendly alcohols, IXA Silver Tequila is distributed in a lightweight bottle made of recycled labels and soy ink. For each bottle that gets sold, a tree gets planted in rainforests of Central America.  There are also studies that support how IXA Silver Tequila saves the planet. According to the latest one, IXA only produces 9 pounds of CO2. This is the amount of carbon the spirit produces during its creation. The tree that is planted for IXA produces 1,743 pounds of carbon. In other words, the tree is actually more harmful to the environment than the alcohol. However, overall, the tree is still needed because it sustains life for the animals and humans in the rainforest.

Another reason why IXA Silver Tequila is special is because it goes through a very intense production process. It takes a great deal of thought and love to create an alcoholic beverage. Every molecule of the spirit is analyzed. This is what the creators do, every moment of the day. Their names are Khosrovian and Matthew. Their factory is in Tequila Mexico. Yes, these two friends actually live in a town that has their product as a name. As such, they make sure they infuse the spirit of their town into every bottle of IXA Silver Tequila. Agrave, a plant native to the region, is crushed and placed into a slow baking clay oven. A set of fibers results once the cooking process is complete. The process is painstaking and extremely boring, but it is needed. Without going through some labor for IXA Silver Tequila, Khosrovian and Matthew would be unable to satisfy their customers. The taste, texture and overall zing of the tequila would fail.

Indeed, when it comes to spirits, IXA Silver Tequila conquers any other brand. It helps you experience the agave without having to travel to Mexico. Most importantly, it gives the drinker an opportunity to relax and enjoy what they have in life.

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