Reposado Tequila with Vanilla and Coffee Flavor

Tequila Oak Barrel RecipeOkay I have to tell you that I have been a big fan of tequila since my Navy days in San Diego when would take the train down to Tijuana. I can’t tell you all the stories from that poor border town but what I do remember was a lot of tequila shots and beer.  Mostly Mezcal I think since we used to take turns eating the worm. Well anyway, I digress.

Tequila is one of those drinks that when I take a shot it puts a funny scowl on my face for some reason.  Just the after taste or something does that.  Of course the salt and lime helps to throw off my taste buds too. Let me share with you one of my latest delicacies.  I went to the candy store (aka liquor store) and picked me out an inexpensive Azul Agave White (Clear) tequila.  (Messicano Alteno Silver 100% Agave Azul for about $10 a literI have 1 liter barrels because they take less time to age my liquor.  I poured the tequila in a barrel that previously held Irish moonshine. I didn’t want a full strength flavoring of the moonshine in my tequila so I rinsed the inside out thoroughly. I also poured very hot water inside the barrel and allowed it to sit for several hours, then repeated.  This watered down and removed most (but not all) of the Irish Moonshine (Bunratty Irish Potcheen) but still left enough so that it would flavor my tequila. Note: If you want to remove more of the previous liquors flavor in your oak barrel then you will need to leave the water in the barrel for a couple days then rinse and repeat. This will water down and remove most of the previous liquor.  If you are intent on keeping the purity of your liquor from batch to batch then the best practice would be to only age the same liquor in each barrel.

Reposado TequilaNext I cut open a full vanilla bean and cracked open about 4 coffee bean.  If you want to lessen the flavors then do not open the beans.  Within about 3-4 weeks I had the smoothest, most flavorful tequila I have ever tasted.  With a nice hint of coffee only outdone by the tones of vanilla. You will also notice that the tequila is a nice darker color now. Keep in mind I am not a coffee drinker at all but I don’t mind the flavor and it was just right for me.  Feel free to experiment on your own.  Another variation on this recipe would be to put the tequila in an oak barrel that previously aged whiskey or bourbon.  That would be excellent too. We have just taken a $10/liter tequila and bumped it up to a top shelf grade tequila flavor. This is what you would call a Repasado or Anejo Tequila.  A good Reposado and Añejo Tequila make excellent sippers.  Don’t get me wrong you can still shoot them but  you will want to enjoy the flavor in your mouth each time you drink it.  Enjoy my friends.

Oak Barrel Recipe

  1. 1 liter 100% Agave Azul Tequila
  2. 1 Vanilla Bean (Cut open to increase flavoring)
  3. Several coffee beans (crack open to increase flavoring)
  4. Age to taste. In my 1 liter oak barrel I aged my tequila for about 3-4 weeks.

Note – Be sure to strain your tequila once you remove it from  your oak barrel because you will have pieces of the beans in there.

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