Red Head Barrels Helps To Rebuild After Hurricane Maria In Puerto Rico

puerto rico hurricane damage

Using a tent as a bedroom, the Colon family lives with all of their possessions gathered together under a makeshift frame covered by blue tarps. Their home is not yet repaired to move back in to yet.

Red and his wife Amie have been visiting the Caribbean islands for years. "We love the island and the people of Puerto Rico and it breaks our heart to see the destruction left in the wake of hurricane Maria". Red just returned from Puerto Rico in January 2019 to spearhead our trip scheduled for later in 2019.  They will be working with a local community in the city of Coamo, located in the south central part of the island.  The people of Puerto Rico are facing loss of homes, jobs, safe water and food while some only recently have had electricity restored. The destruction has lead to violence, suicide and hopelessness.  Even though this is a United States territory they have not been able to get the help and assistance needed to rebound after the storm as quickly as a stateside storm area would.  Red and Amie wanted to do more than just send funds and pray so they have decided to go and bring resources to help in the rebuilding of this community. Over the next 2-3 months we will be assembling a team to travel with us, gathering supplies and resources to bring and building financial support to help the cause.

Small Neighborhood of about 12 homes in need of potable water.

Here are just a few of the things they will be working on.

  • Help to remove trees, debris and branches
  • Help repair their water cistern
  • Assist repairing transportation
  • Help distribute food, water and clothing
  • Provide counseling and personal assistance


Red Head Barrels will be donating a portion of our sales to help rebuild Puerto Rico and you can help too.  When you checkout you can choose to add an additional donation to your order that will 100% go directly to helping these families and community rebuild their homes and lives after this devastating storm.