Tomatin Scotch Rusty Nail Barrel Aged Cocktail

Barrel Aged Cocktail Recipe – Rusty Nail

This isn’t your grandfather’s cocktail but he may have certainly sipped one or two in his day.  The Rusty Nail is a vintage drink that has been around since 1937 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I know that scotch is not loved by all but if you are a scotch fan then you will love this cocktail recipe.  The Drambuie brings a lot of flavor to your palette including honey, herbs, spices, creme and malt. This simple and yet tasty drink is delicious over ice and designed to be sipped slowly. (Add your favorite cigar if you are so inclined.)

Some recipes call for less Drambuie in the mix but we went with 1/2 scotch and 1/2 Drambuie and it makes a nice flavor.  If you prefer it a bit drier then you may want to put a little less Drambuie and a little more scotch in your barrel. If you are daring you can even add a dash of bitters to get a new perspective.

Serving Size

Will make about 12-14 drinks per recipe. The longer you age it in the barrel the less you will have remaining since some loss due to Angel’s Share is imminent.


12 ounces Scotch Whiskey (we used Tomatin Scotch in our recipe)
12 ounces Drambuie
Lemon twist for garnish


Pour all ingredients in to 1 liter barrel (except the lemon twist). Give it a little shake to mix ingredients. Now the hard part is waiting. We aged ours in the 2 liter barrel for about 4 weeks. You could age it anywhere from a week to over a month based on your taste preference. We suggest you take a small sample each week. When it gets to the flavor you like then remove it from the barrel and pour it in a bottle to save the flavor, then start your next batch. You could also age this same recipe in a 2 liter barrel like we did (it doesn’t have to be full) and get some great flavor in it a little quicker. Once you are ready to drink, it is served in an old fashioned glass, on the rocks and stirred, garnished with the lemon peel. CHEERS!