Putting 2 Gingers Whiskey To The Test

2 Gingers Whiskey2 Gingers Whiskey has an interesting story behind it: The owner of a bar, who sold lots of Jameson Irish whiskey, believed that he could do a better job himself. So, he went ahead and did it. Kieran Folliard partnered with what was then Ireland’s Cooley Distillery, to fund his own brand of Irish Whiskey. He used this as a substitute for Jameson. Take heed of the brashness/courage: This Minnesota entrepreneur is attempting to upstage the world’s top selling whiskey, by creating a new brand for his bar.

It is safe to assume that the taste profile and price will be similar. However, is 2 Gingers Whiskey any better? Beam, Inc thinks so, as they purchased the 2 Gingers Whiskey label and the Irish distillery that produces it.

We got us a 2 Gingers Whiskey bottle to sample. This excited us, as it appeared to be ideal for a one against one comparison, and the type of testing we do. We bought an unopened bottle of Jameson whiskey, then prepared ourselves for our specialty: Spirit Wars.

Whiskey on the Rocks: Jameson advises serving their whiskey with ice cubes—exactly three cubes of ice. We did this for each whiskey.

Jameson: The honey aromas of the whiskey are really brought out by the ice. Undoubtedly, the ice improves the whiskey. It produces a fuller bodied drink, even though the flavors are a bit faded. The warmth is concealed. The extra water brings the grain character out much more. This would be popular with people who drink beer.

2 Gingers Whiskey: On the rocks, there is heavy grain and no sweetness. While the thickness of the Jameson increased, 2 Gingers Whiskey becomes as light as a feather—virtually like wine. The finish disappears. There was no thickening of the texture whatsoever. This may appeal to die hard, single malt fans (Irish, American or scotch whiskey), however there’s no complexity beyond the earthy grain.

Summary: This was a difficult call, as each whiskey was very similar in terms of its’ taste and craftsmanship. However, Jameson gets the vote, due to its’ fuller flavor.

Final Thoughts: Our conclusions always revolve around one very straightforward question: Would you pay money, request it in a pub, or otherwise make a point of obtaining 2 Gingers Whiskey, rather than something you have more experience with? Our response is: “Possibly”. We enjoyed it on ice, we felt that it showed potential in various cocktails. However, it is a pinickity whiskey, which requires a precise touch. Thus, we would have to class it as more suitable for high end boutique whiskey bars, as opposed to home use. Connoisseurs who enjoy different brands of whiskey may enjoy it though. These elite drinkers would see 2 Gingers Whiskey as a test of their ability to locate the ideal cocktail. Thus, they would be happy with the end result.

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