Promise Of Hope Single Barrel Bourbon

Promise Of Hope Single Barrel BourbonParker’s Heritage Collection single barrel bourbon from Heaven Hill has continually ranked highly amid our preferred specialty bourbon product releases and is frequently featured within our yearly gift guides. Every year, Master Distiller Parker Beam produces an exclusive limited edition bourbon, usually targeted at generating discussion about the class, its boundaries, and its prospects.

Over and above creating discussion about the class, Parker’s Heritage Collection frequently receives significant awards such as both Whiskey and Bourbon of the Year with a number of key whiskey publications. During 2010, Heaven Hill unveiled their Golden Anniversary single barrel bourbon to honor 50 years of bourbon production by Parker Beam. Golden Anniversary continues to stand as among the finest bourbons we have ever sampled.

This year’s single barrel bourbon release is quite different from the past releases. In 2013, Parker Beam was clinically diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). The condition robs an individual of their motor skills, and eventually leads to death. There is currently no cure, but there does exist excellent organizations which are working towards that goal and helping patients to manage their illness. ALS is a progressive illness, and for the time being Parker Beam is still working at Heaven Hill, sampling barrels, making his selections, and arranging blends. A number of the significant single barrel bourbon individuals are supporting Parker, who has founded Promise of Hope, a fund committed to study, advocacy, and care. This year’s collection commemorates Promise of Hope, with $20 from each sale going directly to the fund.

Promise of Hope single barrel Bourbon is among the most personalized releases to date. Instead of testing barrel finishes or proofs, Parker Beam moved directly into his preferred rickhouse, Rickhouse EE. There, Parker Beam hand picked 100 barrels of 10 year old single barrel bourbon, each rye-based and individually bottled without chill filtration. These barrels were chosen because Beam believed that they best symbolize his overall style and bourbon tastes. Beam decided on 96 proof as the perfect proof, a proof he believed was suitable for having neat.

From first smell, it is obvious that this single barrel bourbon includes plenty of rye. This rye is complemented by a very distinct oak barrel note along with a hint of vanilla. The entry is rich and balanced with an extraordinary mouth feel. Mild caramel is noted at the start, but it quickly makes way for daring rye and oak essence. What renders Promise of Hope so extraordinary isn’t only its flavor distribution, but also the way it strikes the taste buds. There’s a harmony to it which is retained even throughout its spicier moments.

For 53 years now, Parker Beam has created some remarkable whiskeys, and Promise of Hope happens to be the type of straightforward, incredible whiskey that he has become known for. Here at Drink Spirits, we wish Parker Beam the best of luck in his battle with ALS and hope our readers will to help provide support to the Promise of Hope fund. Additionally, make sure to check out our online video, Understanding Aged Bourbon, featuring Larry Kass of Heaven Hill.

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