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2 Liter Whiskey Liquor Flavoring Kit

2 Liter Whiskey Liquor Flavoring Kit


Our 2 liter whiskey flavoring kit is the perfect size to hold a 1.75 liter (1/2 gallon) bottle of unflavored vodka or other neutral spirit mixed with our whiskey flavored essence. Aged to perfection for even the most picky whiskey connoisseur.

Each 2 Liter Whiskey Making Kit includes everything listed below:

  • 2 Liter Charred White American Oak Barrel
  • Barrel stand, bung, spigot, paper funnel, instruction card
  • Red Head Barrel logo shot glass
  • 2 20ml bottles of Whiskey Liquor Essence Flavor of Your Choice

Use the oak barrel over and over again. Properly cared for it will last for years. Don’t forget extra essence bottles to make more batches. 2 bottles for each half gallon batch.

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5 Liter Oak Barrel Ice Bucket w  Wine Glasses Gift Set 2

10 Liter Oak Barrel Ice Bucket w/ Wine Glasses Gift Set


Here we have our 10 liter oak barrel converted to an ice bucket. A larger size for your bottle of wine or champagne. You can also just use the barrel as an ice bucket and use some fancy tongs to remove ice cubicles. The gift set also includes a set of 2 matching engraved wine glasses. The oak cask ice bucket is coated on the inside with beeswax to give it a waterproof seal and will have the same matching engraving as the wine glasses.