Cigar Barrels

Pour several shots of your favorite whiskey, rum, tequila, or other spirit into the barrel. Roll the spirit around until covers the bottom half of the barrel. Let this soak into the wood and repeat the rolling until all of the spirit has soaked into the wood. Works even better if you use our humidity beads inside the barrel then you don’t have to pour the alcohol in the barrel plus it will keep your cigars fresher longer.

Place a few of your favorite cigars into the barrel. Place the lid back on the barrel and let the cigars soak in the flavor for 2 to 3 days before smoking or moving back to a humidor. Before flavoring cigars again, repeat the shot of a spirit soaking step.

White American oak barrels are all about infusing deep, rich flavors. Some of the liquors, such as whiskey and tequila, go well with a really fine cigar. So, why not infuse a cigar with the flavors of your favorite spirit. Just open up the cigar barrel and pour a shot of your favorite liquor inside. Roll the barrel until the liquor has soaked into the wood on the bottom and sides, put those cigars into the barrel and let them sit for two to three days. The aging process will infuse the liquor’s flavor into the cigar which will pair incredibly well with a drink.

Use our humidity beads in the barrel and that will help extend the flavor and humidity. With the humidity pack in the cigar barrel you can use it as a cigar humidor.

You can also soak your barrel with your favorite whiskey, scotch, cognac, tequila, etc then pour it back in the bottle.  Then drop your pipe tobacco, cigar tobacco. You can even open a pack of cigarettes and put them in there for a day or two and smoke them.  We can also engrave “TOBACCO” on the side for you.  They make great gifts for smokers.